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Dollar Tree DIY Spring Farmhouse Decor 2020

I made some cute Dollar Tree DIY Spring Farmhouse Decor today! The DIYs were so easy to make and were budget friendly!

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Crow bar set from Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dasco-Pro-Pry-Bar-Set-3-Piece-91/202585548

Other Tobacco Basket videos I mentioned:

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  1. Love the crate, they are all very cool, but the crate is my favorite

  2. Everything is so sweet. I loved each one. Looking forward to more. 🌼🦋🌻

  3. Really cute. Loving the crate. Happy Spring….

  4. Love the crate! The tobacco Baker looked cute too

  5. These are beautiful!!!! Very creative and unique way for the tobacco basket!!! Thanks for sharing and again, great job!!

  6. Love these! Your hand lettering is great!

  7. Super cute projects – love the crate.

  8. Jessica
    What a great crate you made. Love it.😍💖

  9. Special post . Nice 😍👍👈😍

  10. Way to use what you had on hand! I love all of these…:)

  11. I absolutely looove that crate! So pretty!! Great way to use chalkboard in it.
    I had idea of making the tobacco basket but never did! Looks great Jessica 😃🤗💖

  12. I love how you made your wreath and the tobacco basket. I wonder if you put a few coats of mod podge or straight school glue on it, if it would be more stiff? 🤔 You inspired me to give that a try, maybe on a smaller scale to see 😊. Great idea for the crate, it's super cute. Tyfs.

  13. Both are super cute!! Great vision!!

  14. Love love love the chalkboard popsicle stick crate!! I may have to make one.

  15. Love how creative these are!! 👏🤗❤️

  16. Hi! Jessica 🙋🏻‍♀️😊
    You know that I love all your projects. But these came out so cute specially the second one 😊 love it. Thank you for sharing with us 😊 Have a wonderful Friday 💐

  17. Girrrrl! I dig that tobacco basket. What a great girls night project. Thanks for showing me.

  18. Do you think you could create this from the natural woven baskets Dollar Tree stocked for Spring?

  19. Love the crate! I really want to make one! Tfs!

  20. Absolutely LOVE that crate/riser. Your so creative and just love seeing all your DIY's

  21. Could you put some decoupage on it to make it stiffer? It looks awesome,

  22. I love that crate/riser! Very cool!

  23. I love your "tobacco" basket! I have never liked them but I love yours. And love the wreath. That should be light enough to hand with command strips or thumb tacks. Living in an apartment that would be great.
    Cute crate! I'd never thought if that . Do you follow Bargain Bethany? She has a creative side like you. Have a blessed weekend and stay safe. God bless

  24. So cute love this ides ty for sharing!

  25. I love where you went with the basket. That is deff one of the best make it yourself crafts I've seen in a while on here. I say "make it yourself" bc it's from complete scratch and $1. Not $50 worth of $1 store products and supplies not everyone had on hand. 🙌

  26. I love the second diy. I love that bunny too. I need to find some cheap lol

  27. The crate is my fave!!! So cute!

  28. I bought basket stuff from JoAnn's. It made 2 large & 1 small tobacco baskets. It was pretty inexpensive. You can use instant coffee water to stain them. I like both of your diy's. tfs💞

  29. I love how the crate turned out. Such a creative idea! ❤️

  30. You are so good i always love your work!

  31. Awesome projects! I love the chalkboard crate! I'm gonna have to make that one. I love your tobacco basket too! I love how big it is!! Thank you for sharing your great projects with us!! ❣️❣️❣️

  32. Definitely making the crate! Possibly the tobacco basket because I want one so badly but I’d definitely have to start on a smaller scale for my first time. Yours came out perfectly!

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