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Easy Dollar Tree D.I.Y for Home Decor

Hey guys! I love home improvements and I love D.I.Y’s …so check out this easy, simple, rustic diy video for home decor. If you love this video and want to see more like this, please let me know.

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Candle holder -dollar tree
Candle stick holder- dollar tree
Hot glue gun- walmart
Sea shells-dollar tree
Flower petals- dollar tree
Picture frame- tj maxx $4.99
Glass candle holder – tj maxx $5.99
Flowers- dollar tree
Glass cup- dollar tree

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  1. I am a New subscriber,  I love them!

  2. I love them all I can’t pick a favorite LOL

  3. Oh my goodness… These are sooo cute! 💐❤

  4. Please take the dollar tree stickers off.

  5. Love yellow flower frame
    Plz help.share my new channel
    Thank You so much.

  6. Very beautiful but what did the picture say on the big one

  7. cute ") my fav was the vase with shells and rope.. all beautiful

  8. It would have look more gorgeous if you had putted some sand into the jar before putting the flowers into it .

  9. Really great ideas for every skill level.

  10. Great projects!☺👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  11. My favorite was definitely the yellow flower/frame with that gorgeous earring piece.  Beautiful.

  12. So pretty, hard to pick a fav.

  13. lovelys ideas i have subscribe To your Chanel if you whant To sub back i will be happy Thank you so much Kind regards From Germany

  14. Such great ideas and they all turned out so pretty especially the flower in the picture frame. I love that! Tfs!

  15. New subscriber and I am so excited that I came across your channel. Great ideas. I am a crafter and had not thought of the flower in the frame with the bling center

  16. Great ideas! So pretty and creative! xo

  17. Cheap, simple, and easy! My kind of DIY! new subbie and fellow DT enthusiast!. hugs 😊

  18. The flower in the frame is adorable! Thank you for the idea! I actually did the exact thing you did with the candlestick holder and base! I have beach sand and shells in mine!

  19. Where is that globe themed book from?

  20. Such pretty ideas! Finally, something to do with old jewelry that I hate to throw out. Lol I adore elephants …such a cute card at the end. I'm also loving your accent! West Indian, perhaps? 😍 Thanks for sharing, and have a beautiful night! <3 -Amirah

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