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Ep 1| Travelling through North East India | Off To Arunachal | The Journey Begins | Pasighat

The journey to Arunachal, North East India begins with a train journey from Guwahati to Murkongselek. From here we head to Pasighat. And me and my travel companions are just getting started by exploring the tiny glimpe of Arunachal that we have so far. From markets to bridges, the adventure will only get better from here. 🙂

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My trip to the unknown Arunachal Pradesh from November 3 to November 14, 2018 was organised by ChaloHoppo, a travel company in Northeast India. If you are planning a trip to NE India too, I would recommend that you exercise personal discretion and go through all ratings and reviews once personally as well. Cheers! 🙂

Shot by me + Travellers
Edited by Me on Premiere Pro CC 2019


  1. Thank you for your comments! There's an upcoming surprise for all of you for the 100k milestone coming soon. 😊 Also, The song at 11:00 is called "Sweet Baby" by Origo

  2. I am your big fan from assam.

  3. Dear arunachal govt, please make our ambassador rather than bollywood stars. She is doing a lot more than those people.

  4. in Bangladesh & Asam Siang river call Brahmaputra .

  5. Example – jaise aaap abor hotel me ruke, to uska expense bhi share kre, that really matters. There are many people who watch this to understand money spent at each and every point.

  6. After seing pani puri mu m tho pani aya

  7. Missing my Assamese Petha. Thanks for making this video.

  8. I love u Tanya. My dream is to means u once

  9. Bahut toh nahi par achcha tah…

  10. Hey Taniya, great yar…
    Awesome !! Actually Taniya aap ka presentation ka tarika video ko bohut interesting banaya hai…keep it up. Love to watch your videos….. Tired tha mentally because of work load, ek dum se na energy aa gai mano … Thanks Taniya… Yar jitne jada places aap dikha pao please dikhao

  11. It all looks so calm, peaceful and serene. I want to visit northeast.

  12. Why didn't you visit Itanagar?

  13. i like netute seven sister

  14. i like all video spical neture

  15. Great….teenage memories refreshed…… Born and brought up there……a wonderful land and friendly people to explore.

  16. Nice video.. 👍👍❤❤please suprt me too.. 🙏

  17. I'm surprised you came out alive of the dried fish market. Kudos!!

  18. Impressed by the thumbnail… 👌

  19. Why english if maximum unserstand hindi.

    Ok seems targetting foreign views. Better rate of adds and money

  20. Next pasighat visit krega tho humko inform korna..mera jega hain..maam plss

  21. We love to see u again in pasighat God bless you luv frm pasighat AP

  22. Welcm to arunachal Pradesh we luv u

  23. North east meri zindagi hai

  24. Didi Paisa kha se aata hi yaar ap logo k pass…

  25. ईगँलिस कि वजह से फलोप शो बन गया

  26. I'm trying to learn hindi and they are speaking mainly in English 🙁

  27. Aap ki video mujhe bor karti hai kuch khas video nahi banati hai aap matlab explore thik se nahi hota hai

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  29. Pehle to mujhe esha laga ki aapko Hindi nahi ati 🤣😂🤣jane bala tha tabhi agay apke bandar

  30. Amazing video. Wonderful information and sceneries. Great work.

  31. For the first time, I saw your videos. After 30 secs, I hit the subscribe button. Great work. Feels refreshing

  32. I'm watching first time your blog n I don't know how should react. The life you guys living n north east, I don't know but somehow this place is connected with me n it always pinching me off.
    All I say I love this vlog ✌️

  33. is this Nishan??? i love him!!

  34. इनर लाईन परमीट क्या है❓इस की जरूरत भारत के कौन कौन से राज़्यों में पडती है?????

  35. Kya tum sadhi karliya? I love you vtn 🌹

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