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Episode 11 – Oslo In Rs. 20,000 – Cheap Norway Hostel, Flights, Sim, Food, Parties, Nightlife, City

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In this episode while on a budget trip to Denmark Sweden and Norway, I will be visiting Norways capital Oslo on a budget trip with Rs. 20,000 as an Indian vlogger in Norway. As an Indian backpacker in Norway, I will be exploring the beautiful Oslo on a budget trip from India and meeting a lot of locals from Oslo and talking to them about Norway in General and also visiting all major tourist attraction in Oslo. I have documented how to survive in budget on a Europe trip with eating Indian food in Europe including vegetarian food in minimum possible money. This video is about an Indian travel in Norway exploring Oslo on a budget.

At the same time, I would also share the details managing cheap accommodation in Norway, cheap Indian food in Norway, and cheapest ways to explore everything in Oslo city as an Indian YouTuber in Norway.

So this video would provide ample information about

How to do bus bookings in Europe?
How to manage Indian food in Europe?
How to manage budget travel in Norway?
How to book hostels in Europe?
How to use public transport in Europe?
How to visit Norway on a budget?

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This episode is about my experience in Norway’s capital Oslo when I explore this beautiful city as an Indian vlogger and an Indian backpacker in Europe. I reached the city from a bus from Copenhagen to Oslo and then bought the Oslo card to explore the beautiful city of Oslo on a budget trip from India. I am an average Indian budget traveler visiting Oslo on a tight budget and exploring Oslo in 20,000 rupees.

This video demonstrates how a trip from India to Norway to its capital Oslo can be managed only in Rs. 20,000 for 4 nights. Some of the elements covered in this video series are using credit cards while traveling abroad,

This video will also provide full information about

1) An India traveler living in Hostel in Europe and its cities like Oslo.
2) Visiting various Oslo tourist attractions on a self-made Norway tour package from India.
3) First-hand experience of an Indian vlogger in Oslo using public transport and intercity transfers for trains and busses.
4An Indian tourist exploring a European city on foot and on a budget managing food from a supermarket.
5) The video has complete information about how to find cheap indian food and Indian grocery in Norway’s capital Oslo.
6) This video provides information about all the tips and tricks to visit Oslo on a budget from an Indian vlogger point of view.



Hostel Booked AT

Hotels Checked At

Oslo Pass & Official Tourism Website

Full Detail of expenses shown in the video

Flight Rs. 18,300, Turkish Airline
Cheapest Hostel in Oslo – Rs. 8000 Approx
Indian Food in Norway– Rs. 500 a day maximum eating Haldi Ram, MTR,
Grilled chicken legs – Rs 800 for 4 pieces
Orange Juice at a bar while exploring nightlife in norway Rs. 400
Sim Card in Norway – Rs. 800
Public Transport In oslo Rs. 2200 for 3 24 hour passes.

Oslo City Pass – Rs 3400 for 24 hours.

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tripod for this Primary Camera

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