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Experiment Car vs Annoying Orange, Doodles Orange | Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car | Test Ex

Warning! Dangerous crash test, don´t try this by yourself!!
Experiment Car vs Annoying Orange, Doodles Orange. Crushing crunchy & soft things by car !

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  1. Tem outra pessoa querendo e você aí destruindo

  2. Что будет если вернётся бывший? 1:33

  3. 👌👍👌👍👌👌👍👍👌👍👌👍

  4. You are waste the thing 🏐🏀☃️

  5. Youre wasting everything…like dishes…there is so many people was dying in hunger because their nothing to eat…dont waste.🚯

  6. this contents must be blocked by Youtube 😡

  7. El video es como un asmr para mi pero lo malo es q desperdician cosas al tremendo pedo

  8. Estas ron ronpi endo cosas que sirven

  9. Desmerdisias cosas a lo menso sabes niña malcriada🙄

  10. this time there is a corona virus every where and poor people need a food and a drink's

  11. Você é rico por acaso para para quebrar as coisas

  12. I have very good clips on the channel hope everyone support thank you so much love you

  13. I have headache past one hour after seeing this video my headache gone and relaxed

  14. यह क्या है what you think of you prasan Kar Reahi ha. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  15. I can't see crashing toys 😢

  16. Ur annoying not that orange and pls crush ur car😠

  17. Why you are wasting the things very n

  18. Your gonna get poor anytime soon my dude.

  19. ياحرام انسان تافه ادوس على الاكل الله ينعل شكله👎

  20. Tem Pessoas q nem tem dinheiro pra compra comida nem brinquedo ai vc vai disperdisa

  21. Hoppituranig el pik gueylop seromes @×+÷,$,♤`>

  22. seu otário como você fase iso lá na frente você vai preso da Deus castiga

  23. The african boys: broooooooo! What are you doing!

  24. Por que mierda hacen esto a algunos niños les gustaria tener esas cosas

  25. Muchos querindo todo eso y ustedes lo desperdician😾😾🙅🙅

  26. que desperdicio de comida tanta gente sem comida ou algo para brincar e vc ai destruindo ésas COISAS poriso eu te dou este comentário e ve se pesa niso ok

  27. حرام والله كل الحاجات حلووه

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