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Exploring Bhutan – The Travel Vlog

so finally the vlog is up . this is just a brief video about bhutan . i will be uploading a few individual videos about the places i visited in bhutan . so stay tuned for that . i hope you like this video .


  1. You should make more travel vlog❤

  2. thank you for amazing video. much love from thailand

  3. Wonderful video. Amazing place to travel. Great job.

  4. this is amazi and beautifully made,ill support you

  5. Please come again. I am big fan of yours. Have watched your series. And thank you for beautiful vlog.

  6. I really love BHUTAN and Bhutanese peopleㅇ❤❤❤💚from Nepal

  7. Can you tell how much it costed from delhi to bhutan

  8. Thank you for this video, it was very interesting to discover Bhutan!

  9. Chutiya aurat butan butan bol rhi hai vo bhuuutaan hai ! भ bollll !!!

  10. What a dumb backward police state of a country.

  11. Lovely Videos,Love Bhutan loved to go there

  12. So what if a foreigner person (not Indian, Bengali or Maldivian) wishes to live in Bhutan for an indefinite period of time? Is it impossible?

  13. Arre ye to kasauti waali hai

  14. i want to visit ur heart,

  15. 7.33😘😘😘😘😍😍😍kid

  16. https://youtu.be/AH7sOEYG0o8 دعمكم إخوتي راه كاين دي فلوقات ان شاء الله فالمغرب كامل

  17. Wow. I watched your television serial and love your acting. I loved this vlog as well.

  18. Wondering if Bhutan need entering visa

  19. Nice episode with beautiful host….. i really like the video

  20. This is a fun video. ♥ From the Philippines

  21. My ultimate dream country to visit!! 😍😍😍

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