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Exploring Delhi and Kathmandu // Worldwide W4nderers Travel Blog

After we successfully reached Delhi with hitchhike, we stayed for a couple of days and our friend Swati showed us around the city, then on the 20th of December we caught our flight to the beautiful Nepal. We stayed in Thamel, which is a part of Kathmandu and explored the nearby areas. Unfortunately our team was held back by illnesses for most of the time, but we still tried to make the most out of our stay.

Miután sikeresen elértünk stoppal Delhibe, eltöltöttünk ott egy pár napot, és egy barátunk Swati megmutatta nekünk a várost. Aztán december 20.-án pedig átrepültünk a gyönyörű Nepálba, ahol Thamelben szálltunk meg, ami Kathmanduban található, és a környék felfedezésével töltöttük az időnket. Sajnos a csapatunkat meggyengítették a hideg okozta betegségek, de azért így is próbáltuk a lehető legtöbbet kihozni az itt töltött időből.

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We are a group of 4 friends from Budapest, Hungary. On September 24th, 2019 we left behind our everyday lives to fulfill our dream of travelling. Our backpacking journey is going to be 10 months long and we will explore India, Nepal and Southeast Asia. We want to share the wonders of travelling with likeminded people and hopefully we can inspire others to do as we did.


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  1. Nice music used in bg whilein Nepal in the video ..
    Much love from NEPAL 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵..
    Stay happy guys!!

  2. So you're a metalhead as well huh
    Nice to meet ya

  3. that is not quite much of entrance fee, 1000 rs is nothing for foreigners

  4. Kathmamdu Nepal is very beautiful in the world.

  5. Nepal is trying their best to develop and florish culture but politics is making it unworthy like some historical building is still in construction and some is in its old state

  6. That’s true our nepal government should not take extra charges from foreigners it should be equal to each and every person… our people’s are good but government is too much corrupt… anyway guys enjoy your stay and stay healthy

  7. Monuments and Heritages like these are the result of poor people getting mercilessly taxed by the then Kings and rulers to win the dick-measuring competitions. They are as laughable and useless as some countries who are advanced in military strength but then half the population is below the poverty line.

  8. Nepal or India u like 😅😅😅

  9. welcome my home nepal …love u guys

  10. 👍👍🇳🇵🇳🇵🙏🙏 well come nepal bro

  11. Sawagat cha 🙏🇳🇵🇳🇵

  12. awesome video so interesting.

  13. Eagerly waiting for your next vlog please upload it as soon as possible. Don't take too much time

  14. waiting for next kathmandu vlog

  15. Üdvözöljük Indiában🙏

  16. Come to mangalore south bro. Here we will accommodate you guys for free. We south are the best

  17. Ohh kathmandu is so beautiful and i think its the best place to be in!

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