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GENIUS FOOD HACKS AND FUNNY TRICKS || DIY Food Tips and Life Hacks by 123 GO!

Ever wish you could elevate your eating experience? Hey, you chow down every day, so why not make things a little easier on yourself?

Get your appetites ready because we’ve scrounged up some seriously awesome food hacks you didn’t even know you needed.

Counting down the minutes ’til you can try these delicious food hacks? Before you go, be sure to share these awesome tricks with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO!’s YouTube channel for more great tips like these!

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  1. 7:15 Why does Kevin think that Lilly is some kind of monster???

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  3. I love kevin kevin my favorite

  4. better then five min craft life hacks

  5. 1:02 lol they didn't want to make the milk drip on the table so they used a new oreo

  6. ngl the thumbnail was hilarious

  7. Lily you did that on purpose you mixed it up like it dont have space

  8. How much oreos do you need to drink 1 cup of milk? 😋

  9. Who'd have thought shears were cutlery 😂

  10. When Kevin says “ewww lily, you put cheetos all over me!” But then it’s only on his shoulder. LOL

  11. The dipping master sounds like she knows her way around the cocaine dealers.

  12. All of your videos are gay

  13. 2:20 why does she have this gold rhinestone tear on her face

  14. Congrat May harang ka na! This seems funny in a different way! It’s funny but it’s no really! Joke Lang! Good luck to you! Ilove the chocolates!

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