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GENIUS LAZY CLEANING HACKS || Easy Cleaning Tips To Clean You Room Fast by 123 GO!

So, it’s cleaning day. If you want to know the way around your most annoying cleaning chores, get a load of these genius, lazy cleaning hacks!

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Happy cleaning, friends!

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  1. You are stupid Bella no one will like you any more and I saw my parents have been the worst worst friend that is not nice to call people are silly and Z now you mean Sophia varies mad I hate you

  2. The exact same amount of pettiness my brain needs right now.

  3. There bragging about there shoes nobody cares

  4. WOOW LOL 😮😮💗💗

  5. The Shower Part: Place The Bag Full of Vinegar in your Shower.
    Me: Does It Work Tho?
    Video: Oh Yes It Does.
    Me: But Your Gonna Smell……Like Vinegar…
    Video: Oh…..

  6. Slime will gets all over the keyboard

  7. When I was in a gym class it was so funny

  8. Doesn’t Sophia have a dishwasher? 😂

  9. I already do the shoe thing smart tips though

  10. 5:22 the keyboard is sticky now and slime between the hinge on the laptop

  11. 0:32 hey no peeking
    Everyone: squirms their eyes to get a closer look

  12. Erm you still have to wash them though

  13. The tooth 🦷 past and the shoes 👠 life hack I tired it .It worked it was Awsome thank you 🙏🏻 thank you so much 😊

  14. um could you just put your shoes in the box?

  15. I'm going to try all of those. SO COOL

  16. You have the best ideas can you please put new videos

  17. U make babies and then u got them but u dont want them AGAIN XD

  18. did anyone notice that they have a fake clock?

  19. Guys on the computer one don’t do it bc it leaves slime where the screen and the key board meet and the slime could get under and ruin it. Sorry 123 go just how I feel no hate tho love ur vids.

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