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Genius Life Hacks For Everyday Siyuations


00:01 Money ironing
00:26 Life hacks with foil
02:07 Helpful hanger ideas
05:35 Need a pen?
06:38 Genius trick with toilet paper
09:28 Easy nail art idea
10:00 Cleaning tricks
11:26 Organizing ideas


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  3. A da tesoura ela tava cortando de lado

  4. The first hack isn't legit in the video
    It's a different piece of money

  5. The title of this video says suYuations

  6. These hacks r soooooo stupid

  7. fork: exists
    5 minute crafts: you are now a spoon.

  8. Stacey Mckell
    December 31, 1997
    Maddys in new years eve on 1998.

  9. What you should of called this video is how to look trashey and poor instead of just buying it

  10. You can tell the dollar one is fake, he wasn't smiling before and when they flattened it, he was smiling.

  11. Haa haa pad Michi katha

  12. Good god! Did someone DUNK a piece of sushi in about a cupful of soy sauce? YUK! NOT GOOD!

  13. Jajaja 0:15 quien mierda apreté el jugo así 😂😂😂

  14. Felipe neto falou que esse canal é uma merda

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