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GENIUS LIFE HACKS TO SAVE YOU THE TROUBLE || 33 Recipes to Survive Everything!

In this video, you’ll find emergency reusing tips, useful lifehacks and the best solution of your problems. We’ll show how to improve your mood, stop snoring and a lot of useful kitchen hacks that will easy your everyday chores.
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00:45 Bad dream
01:19 The effective way to stop snoring
02:15 Clench your fists to remember
02:52 Best remedy for energy
03:38 Earrings hack
04:20 Unexpected way to improve mood
04:51 Easy way to cut watermelon
06:00 Lip balm hack
06:51 Homemade chips
07:31 T-shirt decoration
08:16 Photo hack
11:10 Emergency reusing hacks


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  4. It’s that guy with a man bun again! With an orange shirt why does he appear in every episode? And is he eating chips with that girl? So all of you five minute crafts girls date him

  5. That is such a cute little kid! Even though she was coughing I bet when she grows up she wants to be an artist that little kid she’s adorable so maybe I can be in one of your videos can you please say yes I am a 10-year-old little girl named Mia pretty please with sugar on top?

  6. That girl who slipped on a banana peel and yelled at her boyfriend this is kind of like the Sims 4 she was nearly going to die from being frustrated a.k.a. death by anger we are literally showcasing all of the deaths in the Sims she would’ve got so angry then she would’ve died what a way to go edit: if she died by anger then she’ll become a ghost that may give angry mood let’s to nearby Sims in the Sims 4

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