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Genius Life Hacks with Balloons from Slime Sam

Slime Sam knows all the good and easy life hacks! He literally wrote a book on it and now it’s time to share his best balloon ideas and experiments with you. Sam’s pet human Sue will help him and together they will put on a spectacular show for you! Watch the video till the end to see all the balloon tricks and comment below on which one you liked the best.

1:58 – Plastic Bottle Pump for Balloons
3:23 – Vacuum Lid for Anything
3:50 – Easy Party Popper (yes, with toilet tissue)
5:05 – Magic Balloon with Static Electricity
5:55 – Inflating Balloons with a Chemical Reaction (Vinegar and Baking Soda)
7:11 – How to Make a Ballon That Never Burns
7:51 – Easy Balloon Stress Ball with Starch

PREVIOUS EPISODE: Amazing Pin Buttons with Slime! https://youtu.be/y-BNq76aF3k


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