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Giant Dollhouse Prank on Hacker for Lie Detector Test Truth! (Worst Diy Wins 24 Hours Challenge)

Rebecca Zamolo turns the tiny house into a giant dollhouse to trick the quadrant into taking a lie detector test.

After I, Rebecca Zamolo, created “FACE REVEAL After Confronting Hacker! (24 Hours Letting Subscribers Control What We Do For a Day)”, Matt and Rebecca then uploaded “Hacker Face Reveal After Escaping Trap! (24 Hour Challenge Inside Extreme Bunker Tunnel)” right after that The Real Game Master posted “We Found A Secret Hidden Tunnel System in Matt and Rebecca’s New House! (New Evidence Reveal Clues),” and finally Game Master Incorporated made “Helping Hacker Escape Tiny House! (Evil plan to Betray Best Friends and Take Over Secret Tunnel)”. Matt and Rebecca spy on the agents and decide to prank them by turning their tiny house into a giant dollhouse. Their best friend Daniel uses his hacker skills to trap them inside the tunnel system for 5 minutes. They need to convince the hacker to take a lie detector test to reveal information about the backpack code. Rebecca distracts the quadrant hacker while Matt puts the sleep cloud inside to make him fall asleep. We try to do a face reveal but the mask is stuck. My best friend Zoe brings diy dollhouse supplies to decorate and we wear matching twin outfits. The decorations look like when I spent 24 hours trapped in the Game Master dollhouse. When the agents arrive they’re surprised to see Zoe as she has been missing. Both agents think their new house reveal is the worst. During the tea party Matt sneaks the lie detector mixture for the hacker to drink. Do you think the quadrant is revealing the truth in the lie detector test? We must challenge the hacker to get back the devices inside his backpack but he wants us to unlock the backyard tunnel. Will we win back the devices so we can find out what’s inside the secret room? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery music videos in 2020!

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  2. Sophia hi something under her hat

  3. I don't trust zoyey she is hiding something

  4. Hi Rebecca I’m a big fan love you x

  5. The agents reaction was priceless

  6. Hey Rebecca I love your channel make sure nobody can get inside your house And your tunnel keep it locked

  7. Make Zoe take a lie detector test

  8. Agent r and agent s switch the tea cups

  9. I love you. Rebecca I,m. your. favorite fan

  10. Im pretty sure agent r snatched the tea with the true serium and drank it maybe that's why he told you a secret that he was hiding something from you

  11. Don’t trust the agents they have a play and the plan is to work with q and betrayed you just to get the power

  12. 18:34 Rebecca said the game master wired

  13. There was some word on the tv

  14. Rebecca Zoe might be Alice's sister because they both like black and something might be wrong with Zoey so you need to take a lie detector on her

  15. Rebecca the agents are trying to take over. the secret tunnels

  16. love the dress rebecca

  17. Zoey is hiding something 🤨

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