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Gordon Ramsay Shows How To Make A Lamb Chop Dish At Home | Ramsay in 10

Gordon went live on Saturday on from his home to show the world how easy it is cook lamb from home with just a few ingredients as we all #StayHome. Gordon, also celebrated Oscar’s first birthday with Tana, Tilly and all the kids! But did he find the lamb sauce? So come #CookwithMe as we navigated these times.

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Full Recipe here: https://www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/gordons-10-minute-lamb-chops

Lamb Chops
Red Onion
New Potatoes (Leftovers are fine)
Frozen Peas
Cider Vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chiptole paste
Salt and Pepper
Spring Onions


  1. Where is the lamb sauce?

  2. I'm sorry…did he say those peas are FROZEN

  3. Oscar: R.. Ra..
    Gordon: honey hurry up he is going to say his first word
    Oscar: R A W

  4. Fresh Frozen Peas?? Fresh frozen….? Thought there was no such thing Mister Ramsey 👀👀 I remember that episode of kitchen nightmares haha!

  5. Takes a strong man to be in that hen house. Holy shit!!

  6. aww i missed this i didnt see happy late birthday to him

  7. Dude says "just a touch" and then proceeds to use so much oil that USA would want to "liberate" his kitchen!

  8. Gordon's house is as chaotic as I would imagine.

  9. It is awsome that he still finds a way to hang out with his family when he does a lot of things

  10. The cook who touches food with his bare hands 👎👎👎👎👎

  11. My chops will be an hour not ten minutes lol

  12. He’s daughter is so annoying 🙄

  13. In the golden words of tik tock… 'Oh how the turn tables' ~

  14. Well, at least Gordon's an actual chef. All the other celebs doing cooking segments is wearing thin now.

  15. The girls talking smack is so funny, and Oscar is adorable.

  16. After working so hard he got kicked out, and damn it meg pan down 😂🤣🤣🤣

  17. He’s so adorable, God Bless him, wow. He really does love the kitchen.

  18. Listen to your Guru and stop eating babies legs you monster 😡

  19. I enjoy seeing the relationship he has with his family. It’s honestly refreshing 👍🏽🙏🏽☝🏽❤️

  20. Fantastic. I’m having lamb tonight 😋😋. Oscar is super cute.

  21. Hey Ramsay. Do us all a favour please and shut the fuck up and leave us to suffer through the pandemic without your irritating obnoxioius boorish annoying nerve grating youtube posts. Thanks.
    p.s. did I mention that the world wants you to fuck off? I'd wafee your daughters probabably feel the same way
    pan down!!
    pan down!!
    pan down !!
    fuck man! are you insane??

  22. Hey Gordon can you please do a Vegetarian meal thank you 💚🍛

  23. Oscar: ROOAARR!!! Gordon: Aww, he thinks he's a dinosaur Oscar: No, RAW

  24. Love your family, and your engergy…Oscar is adorable…one thing I will miss are all the home video's of the celebrities. It helps make you more relatable. Hope you continue when everything gets back to the "new normal". xxo

  25. I love the way the girls are giving him a hard time and comparing his cooking to their mom's. Excellent chef and Great family.

  26. My new favorite phrase: "Pan down, Meg… pan down"… LOL

  27. Great dish! Favorite part of video is "Pan down Meg! Pan down!"

  28. Ramsay's first words

    GR: M-M..
    Mom: Are you trying to say mama?!
    GR: Ma-ma..
    Mom: Awwww!
    GR: Ma-Mother Fucker!

  29. "I do mean 10 minutes"….if you discount half the prep time, and preboil the water….

  30. Can we get an episode of Chef Ramsey vs Chef Bobby Flay?????

  31. But you’ll never find me Gordon!

  32. i love hearing gordon getting criticized haha it's so funny. everyone is used to him doing the criticizing

  33. Awsome recipes .The ending was sad… : (

  34. Looks delicious, but wouldnt want Gordon in my kitchen at all!!! Waaay too messy!!! lol

  35. lmao when his daughters said wheres the LAMB SAUCE I died

  36. Cute videos but stop with your "pan down – pan down"! OMG so annoying between the stir fry video and this one I had to stop. Let the kid do her thing.

  37. Happy birthday 🎂🎈 dude👍

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