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Guide to Italian Marble , a travel blog to Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Shree nathji Nathdwara.

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We are open to take speaking engagements in Interior Decoration Groups, Educational Institutions. Do write to us at interiordost@gmail.com to book for speaking engagements and proposals. This video is a combination of Travel and education about Italian Marble. The video contains a travel vlog from Jaipur to Chittorgarh and Udaipur. While travelling I thought of sharing the travel and some fun and personal part of the work.

Along with the travel part I have shared with you the knowledge on how to purchase Italian Marble. The issues which are there in Italian or Imported Marble has been shared in this video. Those who are interested in this topic will find the information which I have shared useful. Many things which cannot be spoken has been shown. Knowingly I have kept the matter untold so that those who are really interested in learning learns.

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  1. GOOD JOB !!! YOU are an interesting VLOGGER.. along with The TOPIC of ITALIAN MARBLE.. YOU ensure to keep YOUR VIEWERs to get to know Many THINGs those cannot be EXPLORED that easily by a NEWBIE.. that's interesting.. keep it up My BROTHER..

  2. Sir I have heard that, when you go to makrana or anywhere to pick marble, they cheat you. They show you something and you finalize but, what is delivered is of inferior quality or is of cheape colour. But than you can't do anything because you you have made the payments or truck is already there,you can't send it back.

  3. Nikhinji àap Makrana marble per jayada video banaye.

  4. What is the approximate price of Brescia aurora now? Any idea?

  5. Sir kishangarh se buy karna badiya rahe ga ya udaipur se

  6. Waise sir aap aise travelling blogs regular basis pe daala karo…versatile personality h aapki

  7. Sir aap to aise hi bilkul stylish ho bina kuch kiye

  8. Sir aap to aise hi bilkul stylish ho bina kuch kiye

  9. टाइल्स जो फ्लोर में लगाई जाती है डबल चार्ज है verified hai ऑल इसमें हल्का सा 0 स्क्रैच कैसे ठीक कर सकते हैं

  10. sir best vlog hai apka and we likes u coz ap bhot real ho

  11. Travel blog alag karooo aur marble ko alag….sahi and complete information do kissi ek hi…4.30 subh ka hua hai…bla bla…all unwanted information and waste of other time..bakwas video…

  12. udaipur राजस्थान की टाईल्स मंडी की vidio banaye सर

  13. No details of quality n price given. Very cheap.

  14. Sir w c s related topics pr video banye please 🙏🙏

  15. Sir I have a query ..why Italian marbal called Italian marbal ?
    Does Italian marbal imported from Italy 🇮🇹?
    Or it’s just a marbal variety name .

  16. Awesome video 🙏…but mujhe ab marble kharidne me dar lagne laga h… please ye btaiye ki marble aur vitrified tiles me differentiate kaise kare

  17. 😊 nice travel/marble vlog.. you forgot to mention price?

  18. Interior design ke liye kon sa software use kre sr

  19. Madrasi marble d.ana se wall paint se lav/hani par video banaye

  20. sir what is UV pannel ? tell us something about it

  21. Hello sir,
    Can you please make a video on samll salon intetior..
    I am very thankful if you can help me on this.

  22. Super informative video ..!!!

  23. Why epoxy is applied on marble in between sheets?

  24. Sir good video 👍✌️
    Jo marble purchase kiya hai uski per sq feet price kya hai??

  25. Aap plz kitchen backsplash par zarur video banaye….

  26. sir is Johnson tiles good or bad

  27. What was the price of bottacino classico which you guys purchased with all the taxes etc?

  28. Nikunj ji you are very nice person with honestly and simplicity.

  29. Sir bedroom furniture ki video banaye plz

  30. Simple and smart you are we like it

  31. Wow , wounderful , many things I saw for first time , enjoyed full video

  32. Bhai shaab,
    Very nice video 👌👍🇮🇳🙏

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