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HOW do TRAVEL BLOGGERS make MONEY? | Little Grey Box

Ever wondered how travel bloggers make money? Welp, I’m here to tell ya! Here’s everything I know about how much money travel bloggers make, how they make it and some insight on how you can monetise your blog too.

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  1. great video Congratulations God bless . Great experience traveling around the world . I went to the Philippines and got married . It was the best decision of my life. Visit my Channel where i had my wedding in the Philippines thank you

  2. This was great information! Thank you for sharing some honest and good advice 🙂

  3. How can you be so beautiful? One like only for your beauty. I have nothing to do with what you are saying just watching your beauty. U r very very very very very beautiful.

  4. can we make money travel blog with booking.com affilite program?

  5. I love your videos. I'm just starting that is why I'm quite shy talking in front of the camera 😄 probably I'll get over that shyness soon. I hope. 🙄

  6. I m from India. I want to earn from travel blogging can u please help me

  7. Excellent info Phoebe. Really interesting and it answers the questions I had in mind about how youtubers get by.

  8. Hey Ms.Beautiful Phoebe, Good Job

  9. do you reach out to them or do they reach out to you to review, take tours, etc., and how do you get them to?

  10. inspiring vlog…I hope you'd go to Philippines someday

  11. Hahaha I have only a small poultry form no any other sources of money. Because I have not high education I belongs a poor family. But no problem as the luck. 😭😭

  12. Such a genuine content, and that is why I love Little Grey Box. Phoebe, I would love to hear from Matt and you, what's it really like to be in travel blogging business as a couple? What are the challenges and why to you choose this career/way of life? Something along the line you mentioned at the end of this video.

  13. ABSOLUTELY with you on not relying on one income stream. My YouTube nosedived just before Xmas (now recovered thank the lord) but I was already teaching online plus other bits, so could rely on them.

    Great to learn more, I'd love to approach brands re sponsorship, but I just don't have any experience doing this, I need to get my finger out!

  14. Hello!!
    That's really helpful answers from you. Thanks!!
    I would love if you just check my blog
    Sending positive vibes!!

  15. So interesting hearing about how it all works! …might be time to say helloooo travel blogging!

  16. Another brilliant video guys, nicely done! Great advice too 😍

  17. Hi Little Grey Box, thanks so much for making this video as I actually made a website on travel introducing places around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I have also checked the links and they are really helpful indeed !!! I would also love to share my website link but can I send it to you guys via private message instead as you said you guys dont like pop up ads haha

  18. This is the kick I needed to keep going with my blog! Thank you so much for sharing this honest video. What was your first big break into the industry where you thought it might actually work?

  19. You made it sound like quantum physics is easy! What are the chances of success as a travel blogger?which company is it to spend a $10000 dollars on insta post? what is your education qualification? I mean you speak like a professor pheobe! What would you do if there is no internet? and yeah keep smiling!☺️❤️ Be happy pheobe love ya!

  20. good informative video

  21. Great video! Good honest info that potential or current "influencers" would like to know. I disagree on affiliate links though… display Ads, yes, I don't like them either (even though I have them on my blog) but affiliate links to a specific site or product helps both the reader and the creator simply via a link which they can choose to follow or not – a few linked words in an article is not too intrusive. Pop up Ads or links are completely different and I agree with you totally… ban them on the internet! To remove dependency on display Ads I'm working on my Patreon account with a goal to remove them from my blog once I reach a certain number of supporters. See how I go… Thanks for the info well done! Cheers guys👍😁

  22. Excellent review and honest. I suppose if i were a brand, I would invite you to a destination that i want the world to see. A beautiful girl in a place brings a lot of positive image to that place.

  23. Great honest advice there Phoebe ! wow so that's how food and travel vlogging works. Thanks for such an informative video 🙂

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