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How I Afford To Travel Full-Time | World Nate

Many people have asked… This is how I managed to quit my job as a plumber and pursue a career as a full-time travel blogger.

If you want more details, about my work I wrote this blog post to explain further http://worldnate.com/earn-living-travelling-world/

Many thanks for the support throughout my journey… If it wasn’t for all of the shares, likes, & comments I wouldn’t have the motivation I do today!

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  1. I love this video. Very good video Nate and so motivational. Thanks a lot. its inspiring. thumbs up

  2. I had to stop the video to comment. that part about proving that the $25 online was actually real, really struck a nerve with me. I like real people like you, giving an honest overview. One new subscriber. Thanks for the inspiration – now back to finish the video.

  3. Love this video! Super inspirational!!

  4. We also figured out how to travel full time, been travelling the world since the beginning of the year… Nice video, thanks for sharing

  5. Lol I'm a plumber I'm 26 and I love it most days when it's clean.
    I've invested in real estate and now I'm going to Travel the world off the passive income from the real estate. I've also been studying the law of attraction like this guy for 1.5 years.

    Love how relatable this is.

  6. Man! I might be late here to tell you how amazing you're as an inspiration for people like us, who didn't know how to work and enjoy or how to make your goals your earning source. This really pushed me! May Allah bless you. Amen

  7. If anyone wants to learn about working remotely or join a fun & active community, check out http://www.guavabean.com! We love helping freelancers & digital nomads find their dream jobs. 💕

  8. I love how you described your life BEFORE switching to the full time traveling and the stories about plumbing 😄
    Good job Nate! I'm trying to do the same, haven't started earning yet, but I'm getting there after 16 months of hard work. Wish me luck! 🙂
    Fellow youtuber.

  9. White people, it's not a tuk tuk In India

  10. You're my new hero. Just saying.

  11. mmmm…" moved to Miami" aha so you are a US citizen or your nationality allows you to do so… PLUS with how many dollars you moved? how long it took to make money with the blog? how much you have to spend on daily ad sets? share numbers, the motivational stuff, and the dreamy lifestyle without the numbers, SPECIFIC ONES.

  12. I was also working online and was very happy when i sold my facebook page for 130$ but then my another page on which i have worked on years got hacked by an indian and it broke my heart and i quit doing stuff online and now back to 8 to 5 job 😢 and i hate it

  13. Love from Pakistan Nate you are great human

  14. Please come South Africa.

  15. According to his YouTube, he uploaded his first video 7 years ago for a return thus far of 21K followers. That’s nothing. YouTube would be paying him peanuts. He talks about time and money yet 7 years for such a pithy return are the rules he is preaching not to break. Haha. What a waste of 7 long years for such a small following

  16. He can’t afford full time travel. That’s why he’s got a YouTuber channel

  17. I'm going to start my travels in June, bought my ticket yesterday to Bangkok and hoping to become just like you by 2020. It's 3.27am I'm Holland and you just gave me so much motivation thanks mate

  18. Loved this. I'm leaving for a trip around the world in March — your message really resonated with me.

  19. Excellent, thanks for sharing!

  20. Wow. This was damn inspiring nate. I hope your journey gets better and better.

  21. Hi Nate, Debbie Lyon here all the way from South Africa Johannesburg, my son Lindon and I have just embarked on an "Online driven " business and wanted to say thanks, started listening to your material. As a mother of 2 boys 25 and 28, myself nearly 55 , I am so not ready to retire but embark on my travel journeys, any tips will be greatly appreciated. A starting point ?? please

  22. awesome clips. GREAT. Keep going

  23. this really inspired me… so proud of your journey. Love from pakistan <3

  24. Damn there must be a bug pay difference between NZ and the US. I just graduated my apprenticeship and am making 33 an hour.

  25. So inspiring, thank you Nate 🙂

  26. Thank you for the video! Also, I went to your hometown of Mount Maunganui earlier this year! Beautiful place

  27. I waited 8 fucking minutes for an anti fucking climax video that never actually answer the title of the video wtf man

  28. what did you sell for 25 dollars ?

  29. Hey, could you share the movie and book name?

  30. God, I have truly wanted to do the same for so many years… This is so inspiring!

  31. Why did this get so many dislikes?

  32. Come to Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival. June

  33. What an inspiring story!! Thanks for sharing! 👍🏻

  34. This video is so inspiring! i am 16 and have travelled to Bali, New Zealand, Tasmania (X2) and Vietnam (with family) but I am halfway through year 10 and I've come to terms that travelling is just what I truly want to do! so I'm saving up not because i want or need money, but because I want to pursue my passion which is to meet new people and discover new places! and your video was a lot of help so thank you! 🙂

  35. great video my man. my mum is kiwi! I'm from Melbourne. Did you ever bootstrap in chiang mai?

  36. my dad's a plumber haha I'm working toward vlogging fulltime. currently scaling through udemy courses!!

  37. Such a great video – loving your editing skills & the subtitles!

  38. My boyfriends a plumber so he totally related to your video. Funny because we were just talking about this the other day. Thank you for inspiring us to pursue our dreams!

  39. Very inspirational, you deserve your dream life. Inspired me a lot….thanks for sharing…love you!!!!!

  40. you got me at "i dont know what i want to do with my life". could totally relate with you

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