After graduating school I had no idea what to do with my life. Here is how I became a full time travel & fashion blogger and now travel the world as a living.
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Thanks you guys so much for watching ♥


  1. Sehr ehrliches Video, habe es bis zu Ende geguckt (und das bei der Aufmerksamkeitsspanne einer Fliege)!

  2. so inspiring and great content!

  3. Welcome to the club. I went mobile two months ago now im living in Thailand. From NYC.

  4. Jolie i need you number… Please

  5. This is soo inspiring and now I'm proud of my decision of starting a travel blog http://www.themilesmile.com

  6. I really want to be a travel blogger but I'm so scared that I won't be successful and I won't get far, but I really love the idea of traveling and I always wanted to be a writer, this video had given me confidence and I can't wait for the future

  7. Thanks for a great video Joline, we are just starting out (on YouTube) and this gives us some excellent inspiration.

  8. hey! your such a beautiful personality! what is the best way to contact you? I help people incorporate luxury into their travel experiences at no extra costs! Traveling is such a beautiful way to unlock our potential and increase our possibilities. It has definitly been for me and that passion I love to share with others! Look forward to hearing from you

  9. https://youtu.be/nF71UoaBl3Q
    It is more than a travel application! 🙂 >Trippen

  10. I wanna follow your steps.Your story is so Inspiring.😍😍

  11. This is so inspiring and encouraging. Thank you!

  12. This inspired me so much thank you!!! I feel so lost at the moment, I have dreams of doing things, but I'm so scared to take the risk. I relate to a lot of what you talked about and feel so much better about myself. Subscribing!!!

  13. Hopefully someday , I can do this as well… actually I’m currently making videos right now … check it out guys 😇😇😇…

  14. Hearing your story and the succes you made really inspires me to try my best and make my travel passion my dream! Thank you and hope you have wonderful travels 😀

  15. @janine how did you manage to learn english that good?

  16. I used to be the unpopular kid, now I’m doing what I love and I’m so glad I was unpopular. It helped me develop a personality that I’m very happy with now. I have the same issue of being too short for modelling and I’m planning on starting my travel blog. I’m so happy to find a YouTuber that I connect with so much because you make dreams seem real! Very excited to look further into your channel

  17. I'm crying! This is so inspiring,you inspired me.I am also just a nobody in school.I love arts and talking that's why I've gone to a lot of auditions but was rejected.I also tried modeling not because I wanted to be famous but because I just love being in front of the camera and performing.I am not yet successful but I believe one day I will be,even if I'll just never give up.There are some things that scares me in reaching my dreams but seeing a how you did it gives me so much courage that I can reach it too.Thank you so much for the inspiration 😊 hope I will be successful as you are in the future

  18. When you said "If the dream that you're currently pursuing is failing it maybe just means that the universe has something better in store for you"… I felt that, thanks for sharing, great video!

  19. SO INSPIRING! Cant wait to see where you go

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