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How I Make Money and Travel the World

Read the full description of how I make money and travel the world, including more resources and info at http://tourist2townie.com/make-money/work-and-travel/

Learn How to Start a Travel Blog – http://bit.ly/HowtoTravelBlog
Superstar Blogging Course – http://bit.ly/SuperStarBlogging
How a Travel Photographer Makes Money – https://youtu.be/QY__L7E7jho
How a Travel Blogger Makes Money – https://expertvagabond.com/paid-to-travel-world/

How To Get Paid to Travel and Make Money Travel Blogging

I have been traveling the world full-time for the past seven years, and have paid for it all through travel blogging and travel videography.

The number one question I receive across social media, the blog and video comments is “how do you make money from travel?”

In this video I explain the 8 ways that I currently make money from travel blogging, videography and marketing consulting in order to keep this dream alive!

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  1. How to travel the world? Strong desire – thats all you need. 😀

  2. Now every idiot with a camera is going to get delusional. You should mentioned you must be at least average looking.

  3. I found this video by searching for "travel blogs". Thank you for creating this! I've been considering travel blogging for a long time and am finally ready to make the leap. I'm a few years late but your video was really helpful. I never thought about directly approaching local businesses for affiliate sales.
    Thanks again!

  4. Seems like a very rewarding way to earn a living! I thought it was all about the videos and didn't even think about the other aspects pointed out in this video. Really cool!

  5. I love your videos. I'm just starting that is why I'm quite shy talking in front of the camera 😄 probably I'll get over that shyness soon. I hope. 🙄

  6. I see a flag of my country Nepal 🙏🙏

  7. Your my idol your a hard working person

  8. Takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be successful. But the most important ingredient of success is to believe in yourself. Continue being a great example and inspire others, Gareth!

  9. You are Amazingly Handsome 😁😁😁😁

  10. Wow I saw the Nepal's flag on the table behind.Best regards from Nepal

  11. Awesome I'm just starting out again. I will be in Manila November 3 till April 29. Doing my video's. Finally got my pention money and will have my computer and laptop fixed so I can start again.been down for 4 months insert, sad face here. But everything is on track again. Thanks for the inspiration. As always

  12. I love that Wayne's World part that you included! That part of the movie always stuck with me, lol. Subscribed 🙂 I wish I was signed into my Channel that I wish I got views on but I'm signed on to an auxiliary Channel at the moment.

  13. I quickly switched off the adblocker when I started watching your Philippines series, and then watched the ads before each episode. When do you anticipate going back for the second series?

  14. Just started mine the other day!! Thank you for inspiration

  15. Hi I hav started a blog bertstraveladventure.in . Any chance of a tie up

  16. Hearing your story and the succes you made really inspires me to try my best and make my travel passion my dream! Thank you and hope you have wonderful travels 😀

  17. As I have become your fan , I am sharing your content to every friend of mine , am crazzy 🤪✨✨😊😊 keep up the good work 👍🏻🎊🎊 learning from you . Thanx 👍🏻✨🐌🐾

  18. So great chanel first of all, we only starts, so like for you. Also hallo to all YOu tube visitors, we just beginners in blogging, but to have good motivations need people who going to watch what we doing, if you visit our chanel we be so much TAHNKS YOU< AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!!!

  19. That's really helpful Gareth. Inspiring to improve my page as well. Thank you for the tips and inspiration.

  20. I can just fall in love just looking at your eyes

  21. love these types of videos that are like "here are how i make money…blah blah blah trustfund/sold a business/invented something/ owned half of Rhode island/ blah blah blah
    gives hope then takes it away really fast and you realize, you just made him money by giving it a view and a comment….the other way of making passive income.

  22. I'm a commoner, "though i had the opportunity to see a multi-million dollar business at a young age" smug grin…..

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