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How I Make Money Online As A Travel Blogger

Have you ever wondered how travel bloggers make money? Here are my 6 main blogging income streams.

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Travel blogging isn’t a get rick quick scheme or an easy way to make money online. Far from it, in fact. It’s pretty hard to make money blogging but it’s totally possible if you have the dedication (and a little patience!). I quit my job to travel in October 2017 and wasn’t making a full time income online by travel blogging then.

In the last six months, though, it’s become a larger chunk of my income and I now make a full income from my travel blog. Here are the six main ways I do that!

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  2. Thank you for the great tips

  3. I really need to write a list of all these things & develop a game plan to hit all of them.
    What would be awesome is if you & Brendan comprised a list together, covering all the starter points. I always find the hardest part is getting started.

  4. Great share, Jodie. I wonder how much time and effort you put into finding those e.g. press trips or brand deals.

  5. Hey. as a modern nomad, you and Brendan might find some of these items useful. I traveled a lot in the past and wish items like this were available. Keep up the good work. https://youtu.be/wcpnCCUMTGY

  6. Those reflective glasses are a little disconcerting!

  7. Hey Jodie!
    Congratulations to reaching 20k subscribers! You deserve it, because your content is totally worth watching!
    I remember when you hit 10k when we were in Namibia! It would have been so cool to see you again here in Norway!

  8. Thank you for the great tips! I have a blog as a part of my website, but I need to resume posting there again after not doing so for a couple months!

  9. Helpful as always! Btw, what kind of gimbal /vlogging stick are you using?

  10. I really enjoy the videos about your different income streams they’re very insightfully.
    You have a nice way of presenting your points.
    I could listen to you for hours.
    I would like to get more information about the task you get from a client.
    How much freedom do you have usually? Do they want something very specific or is it up to you.
    Maybe it would nice to get an example.
    Keep up the great work and congratulations for 20k subscribers. =)

  11. It's a nice life you have, if a bit hectic. A little respite from that grueling cruise you're on. 😉😎 Do you sometimes wish that there was a vaccine for that wine allergy. Safe travels! Rock on! First??

  12. Is your allergy to grapes themselves or after they are fermented?

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