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How to travel while working full time? Sick and tired of travel bloggers telling you just to make a travel blog?

We’re excited to present to you the 2nd video in our series: How to make money and travel.

We ACTUALLY dive in to multiple ways (outside of travel blogging) to both have a CAREER and travel fulltime.

If you are a career-driven entrepreneur looking for something ore substantial than woofing, bartending abroad, or teaching English in a foreign country, this series is for you.

In this video we ACTUALLY dive in to our social earnings for 2018:
1. Youtube ad revenue
2. Amazon Affiliates
3. Udemy ecourse
4. World Nomads Affiliate income
5. Epidemic Sound Affiliate income


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We’re traveling full time, living on our own terms and showing you the up-close-and-personal details of us figuring it out along the way. Sometimes it’s about navigating big, life-altering decisions. Sometimes it’s about navigating the seemingly lawless free-for-all that is driving in Hanoi. It’s moments of triumph and moments of panic. The good, the bad, the ugly – and most importantly, the real and real funny.

We’re not here to tell you “how it’s done.” Just how we’ve done it. And that whatever it is that’s calling you – the way you’ll do it is much more attainable than it may seem. We believe the world’s a more interesting place when people reject convention in favor of what they actually care about. This is us putting that idea to the test – one budget spreadsheet, RV renovation and mountain-peak drone video at a time.


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  2. Nice Information 🙏👌 I am also a YouTuber #JiteshVlog 😀

  3. Great video guys thank you for sharing your experiences it really help's

  4. Send hubby out to work, you stay home and have a couple of babies……LOL

  5. I think that is a really good side revenue! Think about it, you are getting paid doing something that you would do anyway and you enjoy doing it! Not a bad deal.

  6. Are your earnings are better by now?? I have 400k views by my cpm is very low. My videos are 5min long but flying and editing takes 10x more time than contents like this here so I think that cpm level isn’t fair

  7. Amazing video. Nice information. Great work.

  8. Great couple..you look like you had fun….so when you visit different countiries…show us your interaction with the Indigenous cultures..when you did New Zealand there was not one mention or shot of my culture Maori..we actually are a lot of fun and very welcoming of Manuhiri visitors from afar.. Your struggles to pronounce Te Reo Maori were fun to watch..I mean you two remind me of when I was in my 20's and early 30's a fun time of life so enjoyed your videos.

  9. I watched a few videos on how to optimise YouTube revenue. You can try adding periodic ads in your videos, which will boost your ad revenue..

  10. Loved the honesty! Thanks for creating and sharing this video. It's really good to watch this as we are just starting our channel. Keep up the great working! We really enjoyed this video.

  11. NUMBER ONE👉https://youtu.be/7fgTUvifaTI 👏🏼❤️

    Oh my god ❤️ ☀️👍

  12. Really glad yall brought this out because a lot of people think they can use the up bringing of kids on you tube n quit their real jobs to try n live off you tube vlogs

  13. You guys gave some good info about how people make money on Youtube. very transparent really cool. As I watched you guys I was wondering if you guys at least enjoy putting up videos, and then she said you guys do it for fun and then you put up the Your Youtube business plan. I got a little confused. After watching you guys I left thinking you guys are feeling pressure doing youtube. You guys are putting up such meaningful content. maybe you guys should really view it as a hobby that pays for itself.

  14. Nice 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃video 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  15. Thanks so much for putting this out there Tim & Fin! ** I love your statement about why try to grow a following just to get something for free…because if you build a revenue generating business you can just pay for it! ** My thoughts exactly! You are completely right 100% and as a "travel blogger" for nearly 10 years I get so frustrated by seeing the misleading information out there. When my husband and I set out on this journey many years ago, we knew the "blog" would not be our primary income stream — but that it would lead us to other ideas and other business ventures. We are entrepreneurs, and that is our primary revenue stream. ** By the way – Adam introduced us a few weeks ago via email and we look forward to meeting you and chatting more at the upcoming RVE Summit 🙂

  16. Always love how authentic and raw you guys are!

  17. Excellent video. Great couple – engaging, informative, honest. Carry on!

  18. Congratulations to you guys. I would love to be successful in becoming a travel vlogger, because I've always loved traveling and I would it regardless, and I have also always loved making videos. But I have just started actually. I have a handful of subscriptions. Got a few videos in three countries. So I need to travel more to make more videos, and I probably need a more serious gear. For the few videos I got, I used my phone and Kinemaster to edit them. Unfortunately I'm not rich, and at
    this moment I can't afford to spent thousands of bucks for the gear, plus all the actual traveling. What would you recommend me to do? Keep traveling and videotaping with my phone? Or just give up because I'll never get anywhere?
    p.s. I already work online just enough to support myself though. So nothing fancy.
    Thanks for this video. And good luck!

  19. great couple.. i started watching during the motorhome year. started watching the post motorhome videos… looked like a different girlfriend…whats with all the makeup ?. look like a business lady now…such a wonderful bubbly personality

  20. I have read on other travel bloggers sites that their earnings increased substantially when they crossed a certain session threshold that allowed them to be represented by an ad management company. In the case of "Mediavine" it's 25,000 sessions or about 30,000 page views per month. OH! I forgot to say THANKYOU for your hard work and sharing! I know how much time and energy it takes to shoot, edit and post a vlog. One question. How do you get your teeth so beautifully White??? There's a marketing opportunity for you right there. You are a glowing testament to how well your tooth whitener works!

  21. Do seo for your channel. Use keywords that people search for

  22. Do you guys have a Patreon?

  23. Help ppl = help yourself
    Good work ssss great video

  24. Great video, nice to see a realistic cover of the ista-youtube-amazon ecosystem, it's actually encouraging. Nice to see you're not worried about tie-ups etc.; I'm not sure I'd ever want to be an 'influencer'. Have you looked at the 'free' alternatives to the $500 a year Adobe products and how they stack up against Adobe? Perhaps already guessing the cost Adobe is worth it for the productivity when you have a ton of stuff to do?

  25. Great video. As a couple that makes travel videos I can concur it can’t be about the money.

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