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How To Become A Travel Blogger: 3 reasons NOT to start

Want to become a travel blogger? Here are 3 reasons not to start, to help you start!

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  1. I HATE travel vloggers. Especially those white entitled middle class ones who are so over friendly and false. Plus part of travelling is to follow from find out stuff for yourself.

  2. I love you Maam.. u r looking beautiful

  3. I love traveling
    And blogging
    Small you tuber here ☺️

  4. Love your authenticity. Rare in life. Thanks so much! Your advice transfers across any interests.

  5. Thank you for the honesty!

  6. This is great advice 😊❤️ this is authentic stuff

  7. Absolutely true sometime it's expensive and the money you generate can not nmbe compared to what you will earn

  8. I loved every tip you gave.

  9. 1. If you dont want diareah.. 2. If you got aface like a pork sandwich.. 3.. if you dont like flying

  10. That's what truth sounds like. Really good.

  11. That's a genuine talk… 👍🏻

  12. If no one watch it….then how will I make money?

  13. i love travel vlogging…love from denmark

  14. I love this, this is so true! I've seen people become 'bloggers' to simply recreate the lifestyle and they're so unhappy afterwards. It's important to live your life and simply photograph the journey you're on – it's important to be authentic

  15. Loved it! Totally agree with you, for us when it comes to vlogging om Youtube at least ^_^ We can add one also "don't do it for the money". When vlogging/ blogging it should definitely be just about you and the story you want to tell ♡ 😀

  16. I just saw this video I'm so glad that I am in the right track on what I want to do with my YouTube Travel channel. I love and enjoy traveling and I've been documenting my travels unofficially for two years. So 2018 I said ah screw it. I'm going to be documenting my travels on YouTube in a proper way. So thanks for this video and even though eventually I want to turn my passion of traveling into a lucrative career job, I would still be doing it for free like what you said. Because traveling makes you rich in your heart, mind and soul and to be honest with you. That's all the wealth one needs in life, I think. ☺️

  17. I've had a channel for a while now and now I'm making it more travel based

  18. Thank you for the tips. It is really helpful 🙂 <3

  19. I think you have a great video here, I don't think this video is negative. And it only motivates me to keep growing my channel. By the way I love your other videos, keep going girl, I really hope you do get famous!

  20. This is really helpful! Thank you for these tips I realized some stuff. I am starting to become active on youtube by posting song covers but I've thought of also do some travel vlogs since I have videos from my travels. Thanks for this! 🙂

  21. I'm interested in travel bloggin because I recently started traveling to different places monthly. I said to myself I enjoy traveling and since I'm doing it I may as well start documenting my travels. What do you think and what would you suggest?

  22. Well said. And I totally agree.
    And I think anyone who disagrees with you I guess because your words hit a sensitive nerve!
    I must agree, some people are doing it for the fame and social acceptance!

  23. Thanks for this. Such an honest overview of the trials and tribulations of travel and thanks for pointing out the inside knowledge of vloggers. It seems more fun than it is. It's hard work

  24. I thinks ever thing is so true I would to start video and blog just for the fun I have travel business but love travel

  25. I agree with you, I just started my travel channel and the hustle is just beginning 😀

  26. Totally DISAGREE !
    Your target audience must be the wanna get rich quick type, the deluded type that watch reality programes such as Xfactor, Bigbro etc.
    This is the most negative post I've come across on reasons to become a Travel Blogger ! It's an insult to ones intelligence.

  27. just subscribed! trying to find more travel vloggers to follow and connect with! these were great tips and i totally agree with you!

  28. You are right😏😎😂

  29. You are right😏😎😂

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