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How to Build a Successful Travel Blog (In 9 Steps)

Travel blogging has never been a more realistic profession. But making a name for yourself requires a few notable steps. Here are my 9 tips for taking your travel blog to the next level.

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  1. Great video Matt – thanks for sharing. 
    Key Takeaways:
    1. Be unique – your story and perspective makes you unique, don't be generic
    2. Authoritative – people trust experts, specialize
    3. Be Pretty – invest in a good design
    4. Expand your network – find places where there's no other travel writers which makes you the expert
    5. Create products – you must have at least 1 product to succeed
    6. Make videos – best way to share is for people to see
    7. Avoid press trips – once in a blue moon
    8. Be picky – promote great companies that you love
    9. Copy successful people – look at top bloggers etc and see what works if it worked for them it will probably work for you

  2. hey matt & people- just created a new site https://merandmarina.com i just want to know your opinions? what do you think of it and is there anything i could make better on there? Thank you bunches!

  3. Thank you for this nice suggestions

  4. I am approaching fifty and have been travelling since 23 – can I do it?

  5. Thank you for the advice. I just started a Travel Page and am currently in South America after finishing North America and Asia – more videos to come – Check it out. Where's your favourite place?

  6. Thanks, Matthew! Useful and concise tips!

  7. Thanks for the tips man. We will use them for sure!

  8. when you said "expert in science" I had a laugh that I needed years ago…awesome man!

  9. Great tips Matt! Keep them coming 🙂

  10. I didn't know you did youtube videos, its rather nice to see the person behind the blog in live motion!

    I'd love to know when you think it is a good time to start making products; we're only two months old but I'd love to write a book about our travels one day but not sure if I should start writing now or wait until we have a substantial audience. Is there any harm in advertising the product in your early days?

  11. Great advice! Thank you for sharing it

  12. What blogging platform do you use? WordPress.org, Wix, Weebly? etc.

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  14. you forgot the all important, tip #10: Be Cute

  15. Great video Matt – love the enthusiasm you have in these videos!! Safe travels. Jonny

  16. Thanks for the tips, I've got to get better at this whole video blogging myself.  Your's are well thought out and most importantly.. useful!

  17. man! first of all thank you for your videos. i bought your ebooks and i have been reading them, thanks to them i was able to create two blogs in two days without much effort, i was amazed! your videos, i like them but not as much as your blog and ebooks. but there is something i should let out: try to speak a little bit slower. you have quite a strong accent and very personal way of speaking that sometimes ain't very clear for us non english speakers. don't take this as an offense because it is not, i just like your work and i would like to understand it better. maybe there are more people like me that are not saying it and therefore you don't know. just keep up the good work! all the best and thank you for your materials!

  18. 9 tips for travel blogging! 

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