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HOW TO: Change Your Steering Wheel

This week, we’re getting rid of that big ol’ nasty stock steering wheel for something better. Having the right steering wheel can make all the difference for your …


  1. Damn it feels like this guy has been doing youtube forever, I wonder what's his background.

  2. Can u replace the steering wheel on a lexus is?

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  4. 9:18 those captions are a little… off

  5. the facial hair looks sick bro keep it! fuckin chuck norris the fuck out that mofo

  6. Harnesses don't stop your neck from whipping forward and breaking in a high-speed collision. Saying that all you need is a harness is utter bullshit and can kill people that don't do their research. Next time you should say you must have a Harness in combination with a Hans device for proper safety. Honestly expected something better from you Donut Media.

  7. I'm 16 I'm looking into buying a Chevrolet S10 5 speed or 1988 to 1998 k1500 5 speed because I want an everyday truck that is also good for the overlands

  8. Loved the episode, as always! But weren't you going to cover an alignment?

  9. Men I want a Miata.
    Nice job!

  10. OMG this is incredible, absolutely amazing, i have never seen anything this great before, it's almost hard to believe … you actually have a 10mil socket.

  11. I love this series so much! I'm new to being deep into cars and all my friends know so much, I feel dumb around them. I'll soon be able to keep up lol

  12. One other VERY IMPORTANT thing thing to remember when disconnecting a steering wheel: Careful to not pull out the ribbon for the clock spring! (yellow piece @ 2:57)

  13. Id say changing the steering wheel is almost as satisfying as installing a new cat-back

  14. Why do I love this videos so much ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Dude I just got my first Miata and also just realized I literally can’t heel toe

  16. Pro tip: Airbag wires are always yellow

  17. Him: “how do you like my Miata?”
    Captions: speaks foreign language

  18. Should do a rollbar install next!

  19. How would you change the sensitivity? Like, how would you make the car turn more when you turn the wheel less?

  20. Hey what about the steering alignment video?

  21. Stop being so tall and handsome then u wouldn't have that issue Zach!

  22. What about State inspections? Would not having a driverside airbag cause you to fail the inspection?

  23. I would love to ditch my stock steering wheel due to leg-room, but my '91 is my daily and I don't want my face to smash into the hub of the wheel in the event of a front-end collision.

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