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How To Chop Every Vegetable | Method Mastery | Epicurious

Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is back in session! Today, James Beard Award-winning cookbook author and chef Amy Chaplin teaches you how to slice (nearly) every vegetable at the market. Finding the proper technique for preparing your veggies can elevate your culinary game to the next level, so if you’re ready to learn how to slice every vegetable, Amy and Epicurious have you covered.

00:30 – Peanut
00:55 – Brussels Sprouts
1:42 – Peas
2:09 – Snap Peas
2:28 – Wakame
3:06 – Garlic
3:57 – Shallot
4:35 – Watercress
5:10 – Green Beans
5:45 – Asparagus
6:21 – Fava Beans
6:50 – Scallion
7:21 – Celery
8:21 – Spinach
8:55 – Kombu
9:41 – Okra
10:20 – Nopales
10:58 – Onion
12:03 – Broccoli Rabe
12:44 – Endive
13:37 – Radicchio
14:38 – Bok Choy
15:29 – Cabbage
16:18 – Chicory
17:13 – Mustard Greens
18:07 – Collard Greens
19:19 – Swiss Chard
20:17 – Fennel
21:00 – Leek
22:03 – Iceberg Lettuce
22:32 – Kale
23:35 – Butternut Squash
24:59 – Kabocha Squash
26:00 – Tomatillo
26:39 – Tomato
27:07 – Zucchini
27:46 – Cucumber
28:09 – Chayote
28:44 – Pepper
29:13 – Jalapeño Pepper
29:47 – Bitter Melon
30:28 – Eggplant
31:22 – Radish
31:59 – Turmeric
32:32 – Ginger
33:14 – Beetroot
33:51 – Carrot
34:38 – Parsnip
35:07 – Turnip
35:40 – Potato
36:17 – Taro
37:00 – Rutabaga
37:47 – Daikon
38:27 – Jicama
39:00 – Lotus Root
39:37 – Artichoke
40:28 – Cauliflower
41:06 – Romanesco
41:36 – Broccoli

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How To Chop Every Vegetable | Method Mastery | Epicurious


  1. We eat rutabaga raw in Iceland, either just in big pieces and eaten as a snack like carrots or grated, which makes a great salad along with grated carrots. We also cook them and serve with some of our national dishes or add them to soup, along with carrots and potatoes. They can be a delicious snack, especially when completely fresh!

  2. a bit sad she said the aussie name for chayote, but didn't call the red and yellow peppers CAPSICUMS!?!!?

  3. I thought a tomato was a fruit?

  4. Ok I just have on thing to say…


  5. Please don't take the core off the radicchio, it's so good

  6. In México we eat chayote seeds, we boil them up, they are yummi, and very soft

  7. Anyone else think it's weird she suggests peeling and chopping butternut squash when roasting? No? Just me?

  8. Those fava beans looked great, I'd bet you they'd pair well with some liver and a nice chianti

  9. I personally have also been doing baby bok choy in my ramen a lot, I take off the greens and break it off a little more and put it into the broth as it's poaching, and then breaking off the stalk to be put in with the carrot and radish I usually do as a nice clean crunch to compliment the strong savory broth

  10. IT COULD HAVE BEEN 42:42 but it’s one second off!

  11. I really need a good knife. Which one do you recommend?

  12. I feel like she’s trying to make it intriguing by chopping at an angle.

  13. Dont anyone dare write more funny comments

  14. I think I'm in love with that knife.

  15. It’s 2am in quarantine and I’m watching a 42min long video on how to cut vegetables what am I doing with my life

  16. The fact that Tomato is on this video instead of the fruit video pains me greatly

  17. Unfortunately all the farmers markets are closed but this has made me want to experiment with vegetables more

  18. Ooh baby I like it roar, ooh baby I like it roar!!

  19. Ahhh, they removed the cringe for the vegetable video.

  20. I don't watch things that I'm not interested in and will never do.

    Me at midnight:How to chop every vegetable

    Also me:oOoOoOoOoOohHHhHhHh this lOoks iNtErEsTiNg

  21. glad they didnt use the stupid studio audience this time

  22. NEVER !!! cut a bell pepper like that cutting into the seeds will take away the sweetness of the peppers

  23. Did you ever ate a skin of peases?

  24. Nobody is seeing the real issue. Wereeee isss frank

  25. Why is this so fascinating 😂

  26. What I learned: "Cut it on an angle like this"

  27. 2:18 “I lIKe To USe A AxE

    A actual large axe

  28. One thing I learned: Eggplants are technically fruit

  29. My middle school principal's name is Amy ChaMplin

  30. Kelps are not veggetables, they are algae

  31. 0:34 "Peanuts are actually legumes, so really they should be boiled before eating."
    Southern US: We know.

  32. The number of veggies dumped on the table might have been impressive–if they hadn't used a basket that could fit a small child.

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