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How to Create a Travel Blog With the Backpack Traveler WordPress Theme

For all of you who have installed our excellent Backpack Traveler WordPress theme, in this video we’re going to show you how to use it and how to set up your website to recreate the theme demo.

We will cover some basics, from creating and customizing the header and footer to blog layouts and Instagram feed.

You will also learn about the custom post types that come with this travel theme, specifically the Destination posts. Finally, we’ll show you how to enable the WPBakery page builder so that you can use it for custom post types, too.

You can jump to specific parts of the video by clicking the appropriate timestamp link in the following list:

00:47 – Overview of the plugins bundled with the theme
02:47 – All about the theme header
05:37 – A closer look at the logo, menu and widgets in header
17:34 – Overview of the blog slider and blog layouts
20:10 – Making sure the Instagram feed is set
21:08 – Setting up the Destination posts
29:48 – Taking care of the footer

Tutorials mentioned in this video:

Understanding Global and Page Settings in the Bridge WordPress Theme:

Articles mentioned in this video:

How To Import Demo Content Using The One-Click Demo Import Feature:


What To Do If Your Instagram Account Is Connected, But Not Displaying:


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  1. And now we’d like to hear from you – what are your thoughts or questions about Backpack Traveler? We’d love to hear your feedback! And if you have any difficulties with this theme, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team at:


  2. Hey, Great tutorial. Really helpful and I used most of the advice to make my blog look amazing. I have one question – how do I change the colour of the star icon in the menu? I don't want pink


  3. I'm getting super frustrated with this theme and the developers. It was suppose to come with access to WP Bakery and have access to the library – it doesn't. I cannot import demo pages. The support people do not respond… Can someone from Qode help?

  4. Hi there, i have purchased the backpack traveler theme, its great but somewhate difficult to create the same pages as you have on the demo site. As many people have already suggested would it be possible to create another more detailed step by step video. Also could you advise which maps you used from shutterstock so i can purchase the exact same maps for other countries i am writing about and also the icons used such as for categories and the orange colored icons for books, get inspired, about me etc. Also can you create a tutorial showing how to create the landing page / header shown on the live preview on this site https://preview.themeforest.net/item/backpack-traveler-modern-travel-blog/full_screen_preview/. Thanks, looking forward to your feedback

  5. I'm interested in this theme for my website, but it seems pretty challenging for those who are not very tech-savy… which includes me! Anyone have any more user friendly options that provide similar results?

  6. When I upload the header logo it is misplacing the two widgets left of the header logo down onto the next line. How can this be resolved so all 4 widgets and the header logo fit on the same line without making the header logo smaller. I am using Provence.

  7. hello, I hesitate to buy your theme because according to most comments it is difficult to use if you are new to using WordPress and computer code …. which plugin are included with your theme? how to install the theme "Provence"? how to have a Slider with the Instagram feed at the bottom of the home page?

  8. how can i add post to the homepage slider? ive added a post and a destination to id but it does not appeare at the homepage slider. only on search mode.

  9. how can i add a destination for destination list ? [that i attach to each post]

  10. When i import theme data, its stop at 50% and doesn't complete.

  11. This theme is so hard to design. I bought it because I loved the design, but you litterly need to build the whole thing by yourself! I bought it because I loved the Provence design, and according to today my blog looks nothing like it and I didn't even understand how I am supposed to get the Provence design.
    I tried to contact the support team by email, but apparently they don't work by email anymore. I can't find anywhere a way to contact the support. Very disappointed!

  12. Mobile responsiveness is very weak. Can you please provide guidance on how to make all pages and posts more mobile friendly? WPbakery builder is great for desktop, but everything is out of place on mobile!

  13. Do you have images for all the countries? Or where can I find the same maps for other countries?

  14. Hi! I m thinking about purchasing this theme but i don´t know anything about wordpress so i m wonndering, is that the only tutorial that exist about Backpacker traveler wordpress theme? Because just 30 min i dont think that is enought. Could yyou please provide with more documents or guides about this theme? Because i will be esential to me to buy my first theme wordprese template.

  15. I have an existing blog with wordpress but with a free theme. I am thinking to update to this one, will it crash my blog? And is it hard to use, do you need any kind of coding knowledge?

  16. So every single visual element that your theme is showing I need to purchase from Shutterstock, so basically, nothing is included with theme? I am confused. Please explain. Thank you!

  17. Where to get this Black and White Landscapemaps from? They are stored for some Places in the media section. Thanks a lot

  18. Hi! I'd like to open my travel blog and thinking about your Backpack Traveler Them. The widget icons that come with your theme (globe, books, get inspired, beaches and so on) are included in the package or I need to purchase them? I also like your countries maps. Do I need to edit them or do they come with your theme? Do you have a Taiwan map available? Thank in advance for your reply.

  19. I accidentally imported the Demo too many times and now my navigation bar is duplicated several times. I can't figure out how to delete the extra ones. Is there someone I can talk to for help?

  20. Can you use the Front End Editor on WP Bakery with this theme? Looks difficult to edit from only the backend :/

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