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how to EDIT like your FAVORITE TRAVEL BLOGGERS 🌎✈ Lightroom Editing Tutorial

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to create a Lightroom preset inspired by travel photographer, Emilie Ristevski. I hope you enjoy the preset and learn some new things about Lightroom too!

Check out my presets:


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// Helloemilie
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Intro/Outro: TwoFeet – Go f*** yourself
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  1. Hey can you do a how to edit like rdtrvn rod trevino

  2. I learn a lot from you. Thank you.

  3. Very well done! Can't wait to try this out. 🙂

  4. Finally! Thanks thanks thanks. I was going to ask about a video for helloemilie style. She is amazing. Thanks a lot. Didn't know there is a green tint in the shadows. Appreciate it

  5. Could you do a Lightroom tutorial for the instagram account @lennart or in general the GermanRoamers which are nearly the same on each account.

  6. last time i check you were 16k, right on man!

  7. Reducing contrast and then increasing it on the curves? That's like taking one and increasing one which brings it back to zero…

  8. Thanks again! Your content and tutorials are 👌

  9. Nice Video…i hope few videos like this one will follow😉

  10. I would love to see a how to edit like Donal Boyd. Can't figure out how to mimic his!

  11. I love visualrev! He's one of the best photography Youtubers out there! If you like lightroom my friend is selling some super cool professional style LR presets! Check them out here: https://afrowetravel.squarespace.com/presets/. These presets are incredible and he adds 10 more each so you'll be able to find YOUR style! Anyway, keep doing what you're doing man!

  12. great video! I will try to make this preset for myself.

  13. You do well at explaining things, I've always edited in a natural way that feels right to me and have only recently gotten better at teaching others the skills they need.

  14. How edit like elena shumilova? Please

  15. Thanks for this tutorial! I learned a lot.

  16. This was amazing, and very well explained man!! Thoughts on doing tutorials of editing in Premiere Pro? Or Slog footage?

  17. You have a great channel, much love from England. Check out the opening sequences of my friends youtube channel about cars 👍👍 https://youtu.be/p0AfgttwKJI

  18. You're the best University of Youtube professor out there. Really just getting into photo and video and have learned so much from your channel! Thank you!

  19. Great video man! The tones are awesome in these photos. Always helping me improve my work 🙂

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