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How To Find a Niche For Your Travel Blog or Instagram

How To Find a Niche For Your Travel Blog or Instagram

When you think of your job as a travel blogger, it’s ultimately to provide value to your readers. It’s normal human behavior to want to talk about lots of different topics, but in order to be a successful travel blogger or influencer, you need to consider perfecting your niche.

Think of all the successful travel bloggers you love and look up to. Are they talking about tons of different topic, or really zoning in on a few in particular? 9/10 – they have travel as the umbrella, but are focusing on 2 or 3 sub niches (adventure, culinary, motivation)

If you’re using SEO tactics to drive traffic to your blog, you want to ensure that the person that comes to your blog for the first time, knows what to expect. If you have posts on motherhood, travel, fitness and fashion, you will most likely lose them as a loyal follower. While they may be interested in all these topics, they found your site via search, and are looking for more topics that cover this area.

In today’s video, I’ll talk more about why getting niche will transform your travel blog or instagram, and tactics on how to get started!

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  1. You are just amazing that's it! I will use this for my marketing & communication students in the Netherlands so that means another 100 more viewers ;_… Loooooooveeeee

  2. Your video on branding helped me to be creative with my bio with specificity

  3. Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  4. Thank you so much! I currently have a travel blog, and I’ve been struggling to really pick a niche, but I’ve found that people come for me to find cheap flights so I’m going to run with that. Great content here ❤️

  5. Love love love how you break things down. More travel related influencer videos! I'm trying to learn how to break into the travel niche myself and there's not a ton of information out there that really helps smaller influencers.

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