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How To Find Glasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses should compliment your look, but with so many different styles to choose from, how can you find out the ideal frame shape for you? First, you need to find out what face shape you have and it’s easier than it sounds… check out our guide to find the best glasses for your face shape.

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  1. where's the oval shape man

  2. I have a round face and I look weird in square glasses

  3. oOF
    i have an oval face and i really like big glasses..
    whatever ill do what i want >w<

  4. That's great, but quite frankly most people fall into the more than one type of face shape. Just like body type….Their choices might not be as black and white.

  5. I have round face shape and i have a circular glasses and i must say i look good in circular glasses

  6. I can never figure out my face shape

  7. Are Aviator the best choise for an oval face??

  8. I have a triangular face, what frames should I get

  9. I have a triangular face, what frames should I get

  10. what frame shape is 1:25? I want ones like that.

  11. I have an oval face. I love oversized frames though!!!

  12. Now I'm confused between an oval and a heart-shaped face because I've read in another site that an oval has a wide forehead, standout cheekbones and a narrow (almost pointy) chin but in here, they described it as a heart-shaped face 😖 I'm so confused please help

  13. I dont even use glasses, what am i doing here?

  14. I have found face and I'm wearing round glasses

  15. oval definetly compliments my face

  16. But like some days, my face looks round and other days it looks diamond or heart shaped…

  17. Wooooo lucky me i can do which glasses i could wear but….idont like aviators

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