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How to Get Away with Murder 6×11 Promo "The Reckoning" (HD) Season 6 Episode 11 Promo

How to Get Away with Murder 6×11 “The Reckoning” Season 6 Episode 11 Promo – Annalise’s disappearance leads to panic and paranoia as Michaela and Connor consider taking a deal in their cases. All the while anxious, everyone mourns Asher’s death as Gabriel holds on to key details about his murder on “How to Get Away with Murder” Thursday, April 9th, on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed next day on demand and on Hulu. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more How to Get Away with Murder season 6 promos in HD!

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How to Get Away with Murder 6×11 Promo/Preview “The Reckoning”
How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 11 Promo
How to Get Away with Murder 6×11 Promo “The Reckoning” (HD)


» Watch How to Get Away with Murder Thursdays at 10:00pm/9c on ABC
» Starring: Viola Davis, Karla Souza, Jack Falahee, Billy Brown, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry

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  1. Annalise went into witness protection with that hair?

  2. I think fbi killed asher

  3. For me Asher has been killed by Nate!

  4. Did we all forget about Sam's sister it could be her behind all of it. She knows about sam sure and wants everbody to pay up and she hates AK

  5. Annalise and maybe Connor are the only ones that truly deserve to be free and happy, their dynamic duo while preparing for the class action suit was everything!! They deserve happiness , although Oli is really starting to get on my nerves what an annoying character he has turned out to be. As for Michaela and Laurel they are both selfish bitches and don´t really deserve to be happy even tho technically they haven´t killed anyone. I for one am glad Asher is dead although he would´ve been better off suffering in jail for all his stupidity and shadiness. Nate is also annoying as fuck with all his self righteous shit when he isn´t a very good person.

  6. I don't think Bonnie or Frank killed Asher, it would be too obvious (and this show is anything but obvious). I like the theory that it was the FBI, but maybe it could have been Michaela's father (am I the only one who does NOT trust that man?).

    Maybe Nate could have killed Asher because mayyybeee he said something about threatening him with Miller's death on the phone?

    P.S. Annalise and Connor deserve better.

  7. I think maybe Asher faked his own death with the help of the FBI, to get to Annalise.

  8. Why Wes ass is still walking around with no body seeing him, he was in court in ep 10

  9. How is analease at home after literally fleeing the country

  10. My Money is on Wes If he's really back,it all started with him killing Sam,ending it with him killing Asher to protect Annalise and the others from Asher testifying would be dope. I mean we saw the phone call to Annalise right before he died,he wouldn't let Annalise take the fall for something he did and their relationship was special,so it would make sense for him to kill Asher to protect her and also Laurel of course as the mother of his child. Even for Connor and Michaela,considering they had to suffer from him killing Sam so much,that He would feel the need to make it up to them.

    If Wes isn't back…boy,in that case i have no clue 😂 Most probably something ,,boring" like the Govenor or the Castillos.

    Sorry for my english

  11. Guys remember that the group will eventually realize the case is mirroring the class snow white story and Annalise will save them all

  12. I think the Castillo’s found her ass in Mexico & was going to kill her but she peeped game & decided that going to jail was better than death. That’s why when the guy drove by staring at her before she went with yellow hat girl she said F* that. I’ll rather be on my own.

  13. I wanted to see Annalise's students crawl to get on their knees begging for mercy in this season. None of them innocent they all had secrets and hidden agendas. Ungrateful grown brats acting like they're 12 years old. I hope to see Annalise's family with a few members having her back scaring the terrible five brats!

  14. This was all AK's plan to take down the Governor, the FBI, and the Castillo's

  15. What if Annalise’s quick stop was to their house and they staged everything once they saw Asher run out the back door. They called Annalise and they staged his death so that he couldn’t rat on them.

  16. Hello???? Wes??? when are you gonna explain that?!??!?!?!? i know im being impatient but we did have to wait like 4 months so cut me some slack

  17. Or My girl Annalise plan all of this to happen

  18. She is dreaming when she got caught by the FBI

  19. I think what makes me sad is that Annalise never really had anybody in her corner with all the shit she been through. & her payment is death. People have only helped her because she comes through time & time again for their asses, not out of genuine love & respect.

    Anywho, my prediction so far is that her getting caught was a dream. She comes back to help these ungrateful kids once again and maybe Asher sister kills her…. or at least somebody with the same motive as the sister & because they're looking to give a big twist I'm guessing its somebody we've already seen. As for who killed Asher, my money is on Gabriel, Nate or Wes. I hope Nate dies since he obviously won't pay for his crimes. I despise him & Asher equally

  20. It would be fitting for Annalise to commit her first murder before the series is complete. Lol

  21. Hopfully AK will survive this. BUT if not, please at least make her the one who finished the RAT usher. i would be satisfied.

  22. Well Annalise said the Evil Queen‘s body was never found, and she might have faked hear death… And obviously the Evil Queen referred to her… And Annalise has some evil plan, so she faked her own funeral. Probably Asher also isn‘t that

  23. Please someone release those 5 episodes now.. I have binged Season 4 until the last episode…

  24. Porra vai ser fuder annalise presa eu estou revoltada crll

  25. What if it's Wes who kills Asher?

  26. lets not forget who stopped Micheala and Connor from going to the police station when they wanted to admit what happened. Its not them turning on Annelise its them not wanting to spend a life sentence when their asses were mentored or influenced by EVERYONE AROUND THEM (Frank, Bonnie, Annelise, Corrupted DA's, and Lawyers). Remember, Connor and Micheala werent the ones who killed anybody, they were only wrong for not snitching, staying in this dangerous game for too long and lying while doing it. They had too many aspirations and their independence & work ethic would've allowed them to be successful but their tragic family background of abandonment pushed them to the "family" that was the closest and just so happened to be the craziest lol. Annelise, Frank, Bonnie. I am sorry but Annelise is not innocent for anything that she did. She lost her innocence way before she met those dam kids. That is why I think we get so many flashbacks of her doing the same shit she does now (lying & cheating to get info , using frank to uncover info) the difference is she did it for herself back then, now she is doing it for herself and the kids

  27. Annalise baby you really should just leave them to deal with their shit on their own

  28. I think Ashers sister is somehow involved. It’s weird how she randomly popped up this season and just shows up at the house in that once scene and wants to hang out with all his friends. And then at the bail hearing she gets up and starts freaking out calling them murderers, seemed a little dramatic for someone who doesn’t know what happened. She was trying to point the finger and was playing the role of grieving sister way too seriously.

  29. Эта новая тайна их всех и погубит

  30. At 0:21 there's someone at the door. Can't tell if they're going in our coming out :/

  31. Plot twist Asher isn’t really dead…. I mean we didn’t see a body so there no telling if he is dead analise did a theory with Snow White in the last episode they said she was dead but yet still there was no body so she fake her death and blame the dwarfs that’s what I think is happening OR the FBI killed him because they didn’t have enough evidence to nail Analise…
    Well at least that’s what I think 😂

  32. HTGAWM is one unpredictable show if it was as predictable as everyone thinks then were wud the fun be in that…lets all just relax and see wat they have for us.

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