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How to Help Your Hospital (Fight COVID-19 Locally) – Smarter Every Day 233

Check out what we’ve done and adapt/improve it for your city:


Take anything we have done and use for team! (Copy forms etc)
(Donations Accepted)

DISCLAIMER: All designs should be coordinated with your local hospital, and when possible only FDA approved medical products should be used. One danger of 3D printed materials is that if they do not provide protection, the users may put themselves in more dangerous situations with a false sense of security. Do not make the decision on what products to use, simply make what your medical professionals ask for, and let them make the risk assesment.

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Find someone that’s gone before you that will help you figure it out!
For me it was Pooch (Alan) at: Operation Shields Up!

Hats off to Joe Prusa’s team for figuring out the design!

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  1. Thank you, Destin! You and everyone you have mobilized, and Pooch and everyone at Operation Shields Up – it's AMAZING to see!

  2. THANK YOU!! Use the best, fastest fit for purpose tech. Don't reinvent wheels, and especially if further iterations don't add much to the intended use. Co-ordinate through one contact point. Make from the same hymn sheet (mixed metaphor!). Understand the need to build an interface and trust with the health sector (bearing in mind, government is used to procuring through medium-large established organisations, and is used to specific processes and check points, it is not used to dealing with many small producers). Our situation in Australia is not as dire, but we are watching this play out, and its wonderful to see the extraordinary goodwill and solidarity rising up – not just in the immediate fight and fabrication of PPE, but mutual support across the board.

  3. The easiest way to save lives: stay home and keep the distance. By the way, wearing masks is efficient as well.

  4. From smarter everyday to sounding dumber by the second.. Stop fear mongering and spreading false and misinformation..

  5. Stay Positive! Test Negative!

  6. 100% agree that 3D printers should use as a start and do the rest using injection moldings

  7. Many of the described protective gear problems were caused by USA's crappy healthcare system, their idiotic government and the fact that hospitals are individually negotiating the price of protective equipment. Dial down your laissez-faire capitalism and you'll cope much better next time

  8. This deserves more thumbs up than I can give! Well done!

  9. Yes a new video after so long

  10. 6:11
    Does he make polymer ar lowers? Only gun people noticed.

  11. anything and everything they can in co-operation to fight this monster. ~A guy in Australia.

  12. Hello. I have made spanish (latinamerica) subtitles for this video. I believe it is really important to share the experience of the people of Hunstville to all places where it can be useful. Please accept my contribution for subtitles. Please.

  13. Could you do an episode about sailing, i could not find any video about it. But there is a lot of science going on on a sailboat. You got your aerodynamics, your fluid dynamics, your stiffness of materials of the boat and also some forces which will balance out to an equilibrium.

  14. Can't find the github link that alan is talking about. Can someone help

  15. Maybe its not the time to suggest new video topics. But take a look at Grander, Structured, Revitalized- Water and tell me that you do not want to debunk that ideer before it spreads.

  16. Destin, you are a blessing. I praise God for you.

  17. 01:10: your supplychain is not stressed, your government didn't order.

  18. I really think you have the best intentions, but it was really sad that you didn't mention the importance of social distancing. Your point of view as doctors and nurses being the front line is really misleading, the frontline is everyone. As responsible members of society we should stay in home pretending like we do have the virus, as doctors here say: "The virus doesn't go to you, you got to the virus". Find a smarter way than me to tell the millions of people that follow you to stay at home.

  19. 516,827 other people just seen matt for the first time too lmfaoo

  20. HI Destin, great video, could we get together, here in Australia we are doing something similar in Western Sydney as part of the university, but we have hit a hurdle with the process that you have to do that you have done with this video with sterlising system just incredable. I was wondering if I could get more information on the process you have done in the US. Any paper work would be great appricated help here in Australia in the fight against Covid. Stay Safe look after yourself. Trevor Johnstone / Western Sydney University / Sydney / Australia

  21. I understand the emotions that you experience, I'm not much of a people person (30 years grocery business) but when I see folks getting together to help other people that they don't even know, it is nothing short of amazing. PLEASE take care of yourselves and a HUGE thanks to all. It's only to bad that it takes these types of events to bring it out.

  22. Thanks Destin! Really moving.
    BTW, You should add #<YourCity>FIghtingCovid to the description.

  23. Touching his mask with bare contaminated hands. Seems about right.

  24. every thing is about the cronaviris….

  25. Thank you, Destin. I get emotional too.

  26. The emotional feeling has been my guide. It comes forward whenever I'm doing the right thing. Even when I have a good idea, I know it's a good idea because I always feel emotional.

  27. Quick question, if you think that you've touched something infected by the virus how long can you go till you have to wash your hands ?…. My work place has so many doors that sometimes I forget to open with a tissue paper, how long can I go without washing my hands ?… high security with finger print access so no gloves….

  28. does sars cov2 virus have a bacteria type which it can use to replicate outside human body? (bacterial phage)…or its a different matter?

  29. Just wanna say u actually wore your mask wrong. The silver surface should be facing out.

  30. Dude… when you started talking about being emotional… I almost lost the battle with some onion cutting ninjas that wanted me to water my beard… This is so awesome Dest

  31. This is amazing and inspiring. Thank you!

  32. Of everything to get emotional about, you and the people in this video got to me. The step you take to make people stay safe, it really hits me in a time where it seems like most people are just thinking about themselves. It really gives me hope for humanity, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Destin! You are the kind of people we need more of

  33. Can you do a video on 5G technology and dispel the conpiracies nonsense ?

  34. I want to be anywhere where people are passionately pursuing selfless care for each other. I long for that connection with other people so desperately, I need to be utilized as part of any team that believes in a selfless humanity. I haven't made a lot of friends out here and I don't really know where to look, you gave the hashtag and if I can find that here I'll help here but I'm very intensely drawn to other passionate people regardless of the location of the community, because ultimately we are all part of a single community of humanity. I just want to be where like minded people are making a difference so I can too

  35. I am a certified crane operator and I get out of the army in July. I don't know if there is a program like what you have created in your community here in Washington state, but if you need volunteers for work or whatever I would be honored to come out there and provide volunteer work. I just want to be connected to people who need help and want to be a team. I can drive to Alabama in three days.

  36. anything and everything they can in co-operation to fight this monster. ~A guy in Australia.

  37. Thank you for re-tooling for actual PPE… vs the stupid ventilators🤘 Actual products in need!

  38. Anyone else see my man was molding an AR-15 lower, lol thats pretty funny XD! But for real though this is a great idea that was well executed.

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