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How to Lucid Dream in Just 5 Minutes

Everyone wants to know how to lucid dream instantly, but 5 minutes is more reasonable. This simple lucid dreaming for beginners technique is called FILD, and will change the way you experience dreams at night. Enjoy!

Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep

Dreaming and the Brain

Sleep Basics

What Does It Mean When We Dream?

Why Do We Have Trouble Remembering Dreams?

Why Do Memories Disappear After Waking Up?

Music from Bensound.com

Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO) for helping to create this video!


  1. Has anyone tried this?

  2. Another great way to lucid dream is to listen to ASMR before sleeping

  3. Is it just me that remembers dreams really clear?

  4. Instructions unclear: my dog is taking a rocketship to mars

  5. Sorry but I had to dislike cause I was the 100th

  6. Lucid dreams in just 5 min
    Actual video 10 min

  7. Guys don’t lucid dream. If you lucid dream,it’s a higher chance to get sleep paralysis.

  8. Remember dream…
    Wakes up, then forgets what I dreamt.

  9. "Then fall asleep like regularly."


  10. You just copied the infographic show video and thumbnail

  11. Whenever i lucid dream i just vreak stuff or fight people and started swearing and jumping on stuff i just become violent😂 buy in real life i cant even order a cola😂😂

  12. Writing rly helps i got 5-7 notebooks full of dreams. Next thing you know u recall the whole night where you were and what u was doin…

  13. I had one lucid dream and ever since I’ve wanted to do it again.

    I can only remember the part where it turned into a lucid dream.. I was already in a dream and then suddenly I just thought “I’m in a dream” and I started freaking the fuck out and tried to wake myself and I just remember focusing on trying to change the environment into a snow storm and I did and then I buried my face into the snow and I could feel my eyes moving in real life while still in my dream and then I woke up.. so strange

  14. This is like kurzgesacht but different

  15. I thought I was watching kurzgesagt

  16. 'how to lucid dream in 5 min' video is 10 min long.

  17. I wanna do this but I never even have normal dreams

    Emo right?

  18. It’s weird because my friend told me bout lucid dreaming and after watching this vid I realised I lucid dream all the time

  19. Let me guess
    April fools?

  20. im still remember my dream that was a year ago

  21. I lucid dream like this: when i wake up, i fastly close mah eyes, call the last scene of the dream and woa-lah.

  22. Me in Quarantine:
    Youtube: wanna lucid dream?

  23. HM. Something is wrong. Maybe there is some extreme plagiarism. His old vids have different animation. He is copying kurzgesagt in a nutshell

  24. Lmao I thought this was kurzgesagt

  25. I failed the part where you have to remember

  26. Clickbait. The title says 5mins the actual video is 10mins.

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