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How to Make 5 Emergency Candles – Life Hacks

How to make 5 emergency candles out of household items (cheese wax, butter candle, tuna can oil burner, wax crayon, orange and olive oil burner). Simple life hacks.

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  1. Why is the newspaper blurred and what happend?

  2. 0:10 newspaper 📰 says goodbye Dave! Lol!

  3. The 6th emergency candle is John Wick!

  4. Anyone think this would be good for a college dorm? I want to use it for one of my saints without trying to start a fire.

  5. The newspaper says goodbye Dave

  6. Bob Mortimer brought me here

  7. My mom:is there a flashlight
    My bro:Y?
    Me:I WATCh DaVEHAX’S ViD OF EmRegency candles

  8. I try the orange it Coudn,t work I left it dry

  9. no, sir you are huffing fumes.

  10. “This may give off toxic fumes.” as he lights a nontoxic, edible kids’ crayon

  11. Emergency Candles List:
    1. Cheese Wax
    2. Butter
    3. Tuna Can
    4. Wax Crayon
    5. Orange

  12. Davehax:Be careful not to slip and don’t go through the other side Can Of Tuna:ASWDFZXCGTYHN!

  13. Would’ve never thought of any of this.

  14. My favorite is blue one with crayon color candle with emergengy

  15. You can also use a pencil ✏️. If you have a bunch of candles 🕯 that is very low they won’t light any more dig out what’s left of the wax of each candle break it up or make shaving out of them melt it down and dip a pencil it it let it get hard

  16. My Childhood video i watched…

  17. How can I do that if everything was dark!?

  18. Very easy to make but number 2 candle (the butter one) is food and also the number 3 candle (Tuna can) is also food so don't make again like this the Crayon is very melted so it's not very easy to make a candle like this the Orange is good, nothing to say but good candle.

  19. Well, these are great ideas, but it depends on the situation and accessibility of the items. I survived a war which lasted 4 years and I can tell you from experience what people used in that time. The easiest and most reliable candle to make was to take a transparent glass cup so that more light shines through, but any cup, can or small container can be used. Fill it with any oil you can find, but most commonly it was vegetable oil from the humanitarian aid program, you take a shoelace from any shoe or any piece of cloth from anything and put in the cup so that 90% is soaked while only a small piece hangs out which you light up. And here's a tip, the shorter the wick, the longer it will last. If you make it super short it will last for days on end, but it will not be as light, but in total darkness your eyes adjust anyways and only a tiny light source is enough to see.

  20. (0:12)theres a blur . Y u blur it? Wat

  21. All you need to do is order from kunas kloset.com there candles are cheap and offer bees wax and soy great scents

  22. OMG thank you so much dude

  23. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😮😮😮

  24. I will use the candle to prossecion to holy week

  25. These are nice tricks but after essentially useless and take up other resources you can utilize for better things. Plus as you put it, they need to be used outside. If you need a emergency candle you most likely need it in your flat. Useless and you wasted my time.

  26. Heres one use a sharpie and once use squiggle with it and it should work as a pen again

  27. Dave, I know Melting Thallium–Oh No!! I Meant to Say Gallium. There Is No thallium.

  28. 1:00 my cat’s favorite candle

  29. How long can the fruit candle last?

  30. WOW u can make a diy …

  31. Things we will never need but is interesting to watch

  32. uhh Dave I think your voice is different than the newer videos on Tuesday and Friday

  33. It says Goodbye Dave and you still make videos

  34. Why did you pixelate the picture on the newspaper

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