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How to make a face mask using a reusable grocery bag and pipe cleaners

This DIY mask tutorial calls for a reusable grocery bag made from non-woven polypropylene, similar to the material N95 masks are made of. It also uses pipe cleaners, which allow for an adjustable fit around the nose. Be sure to wash your reusable bag before starting this project.


A paperclip or other wire could be used instead of pipe cleaners. Instead of a reusable grocery bag, you could use cotton fabric. Ribbon, shoelaces or strips of fabric can be used for mask ties. This video shows hand-sewing, but you could try using a sewing machine.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that Americans wear cloth masks or other face coverings in public as a preventative measure to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The recommendation is a reversal from previous guidelines issued by the agency, which had said that healthy people did not need to wear face coverings. The agency started to rethink those guidelines as more and more evidence showed that asymptomatic people could unwittingly spread the virus.

Though homemade masks don’t offer the protective seal of N95 masks, studies show homemade masks are better than nothing, especially if people find themselves in a confined space like a MAX train or bus.

Beyond the protection they offer to those wearing them, they also reduce the likelihood that people with the virus, who may not be showing symptoms, will spread it to others.


Read more at The Oregonian/OregonLive: https://www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2020/04/are-homemade-masks-helping-for-some-uses-but-theyre-no-replacement-for-proper-equipment-authorities-say.html


  1. Thanks, this will be my next face mask. I'm graduating from a paper towel and I have plenty of pipe cleaners already. 🙂

  2. How much are you supposed to measure? Her hand is covering the tape measure?

  3. All people with no faith, none.

  4. This must have been an April Fools joke. You can see the weave in the material they cut, so it's not "non-woven". The thread is many times larger than the material used to make N95 masks. The openings in the fabric are so large you can see light through it. WHY did they not stick to the recommended all cotton two layer homemade product? Trust the internet to get it wrong!

  5. Learn how to do this you can learn how to make toilet paper next🤣😂🤣

  6. Stupid video.
    Who has pipe cleaners lying around? No one.
    The hand bag likely touched a plethora of public surfaces and is the most likely item in your posession to carry contaminants.
    Please hit the unlike button. You just might save someone's life.

  7. Sew one lol or just find sites that sell masks. Just ordered a bunch from thinboogline.com

  8. Regarding face masks: the virus is smaller than a water molecule. Any fabric that will absorb water is ineffective. If you are going to use cotton, you need a waterproof barrier in between layers of fabric. A good fabric for the inner layer is those reusable and washable grocery bags you buy. They repel moisture/droplets. For the nose bridge use a pipe cleaner or the fold down tab off of a bag of coffee. Don't forget to disinfect your mask when you take it off, and wash your hands up to the wrist.

  9. The only way a virus can be transmitted to you is through a vaccine. There is NO way you can get a virus from another person by coughing, handshaking or whatever, because the virus is NOT alive, and its created within the cells only!!! Bacterial infection yes, but not a virus. Masks, two meter distance is USELESS… GET IT??? All made to distance us, to separate us. Open your eyes for the truth!!!

  10. I'm so glad I had a lot of these bags from when I went to blackhat conference last year. I washed them, and made 2 masks from one bag. It took me like 2 hours to make the two since I tried to be neat with my thread. Thanks for this tutorial.

  11. I've been walking around with a disposable diaper wrapped around my face, I think many people are overlooking this option in spite of the fact that this device is self adhesive and can facilitate to a variety of head shapes.

  12. What Is the dimension of the piece cut from the bag?

  13. DON"T DO THIS UNLESS YOU RUN OUT OF ACTUAL N95 MASKS. I am doing research upon N95 masks and unregulated items such as bags and clothing does not substitute N95 masks well. Cotton shirts and stuff have around 50-60 efficiency and I really don't reccomend usage unless you have to.

  14. I’ll just go back to using maxi pads 😔

  15. How stupid and irresponsible can you be? We're not supposed to use the reusable grocery bags for groceries because if the germs and bacteria embedded in them , so you make a video and don't say wash the bag or even use a new one only? Stupidity such as this should be banned from YouTube, everyone please unlike this video and report it, this could kill someone!

  16. I have a better shot at making a vaccine than my own mask.

  17. Sure everyone has a few pipe cleaners laying around 🤔🤪

  18. Looks like about like a n60 mask….. N95 keeps 95% of pathogens out. Problem with using synthetics (plastics) is that Covid 19 virus “sticks” to it. You have to use 100% Cotton. The virus won’t stick to cotton. You can put a couple layers of “nylon or other synthetic material” in between the linen cotton. You’ll probably end up with about n75. …..Be sure to make your mask BIG!….going around your cheeks, covering your chin and just below your eyes. You want NO outside air getting in. ..The “pleating or folds “are unnecessary . If you can’t find pipe cleaners, you can use wire…….and Yes , you can breathe just fine thru all that!👍😷

  19. Be sure to wash it and disinfect thoroughly first. Cloth grocery bags are notorious for salmonella and other bacteria.

  20. I'll just use a Halloween mask

  21. Oh yeah i forgot, the government said it's okay for us normal peasants to wear masks. Now these cutesie videos are allowed to go on the trending page.

  22. The important thing about a mask is this: it reminds you not to touch your face. Your hands are primary vectors. If it does nothing else it's useful for that.

  23. If I only new how to sew!!

  24. Great video! Non-sewers can use a staple gun!

  25. Just buy or use an old Bra . If your nose is small use an "A" or if it's for an Adult use a "B". My Uncles face /head is fat and huge ,He used a "C". You can get creative and draw a nipple on it —who cares. …We have to keep our sense of humor these days and use whatever works.

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  27. how is that better than a washable scarf?

  28. Seems simple to those whonknow how to sew, and if material is not in stock cause everyones doing it

  29. instructions not cleared .. now i have a diaper mask


  31. That’s cute. real fucking cute man, like super duper fucking cute, but that shit don’t work.

  32. I just super glued my nostrils and mouth shut , learn to breath through my arm pits .

  33. I’ve been using coffee filters.

  34. Dammm where am I going to get pipe cleaners my craft shop is closed and you have to wait in line at the Walmarts where I live…. Is there something else we can use?

  35. All you need is some cloth, duct tape and charcoal pills. Hasnt anyone seen doomsday preppers?

  36. You can literally get a bandana and two hair ties and it only takes 2 sec

  37. All that work and you arent protecting against shit

  38. If I may add to this, any mask you wear, please make sure that it's secure and comfortable enough so that you're not inclined to fiddle with it during wear, touching your face in the process.

  39. Looks like I’m getting covid

  40. Your already infected , your bag was made in China

  41. Read this report before you trust in a homemade face mask for a barrier between life and possible death. https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/04/commentary-masks-all-covid-19-not-based-sound-data

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