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How to Make Hand Sanitizer | DIY | Real Simple

Hand Sanitizer Is Selling Out in Many Places—Here’s How to DIY Your Own.
You can mix up a big batch in seconds. A few things to keep in mind: for hand sanitizer to actually be effective at killing germs, it must contain at least 60 percent alcohol, according to the CDC. Try to stick to the ratios listed below, but feel free to adjust the amounts to make a smaller or larger batch.

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  1. Pretty soon people will be washing their hands with listerine

  2. Stop panicking we found the cure it’s Lyme disease…

  3. Why y’all scared cause of the COVID-19 lmao. The flu is deadlier

  4. Anyone wanna exchange gold with sanitizer?

  5. Wish the font color would of been black

  6. need to be more like 50/50 mixture to get correct texture of hand sanitizer

  7. There is no alcohol in the stores, that sold out with hand sanitizers ages ago. Even those alcohol prep pads used frequently by diabetics are all gone, people need to consider others before buying in bulk and hoarding while there are others whose life depends on having such stuff. The joker was right, when the chips are down, these so called civilized societies will eat their own, shame.

  8. Y’all know your here cus you can’t find any in the store from covid-19

  9. So grateful I found this before Aloe Vera Gel sold out

  10. Us Russians don’t need this, we have VODKA and our RUSSIAN SOULS, the corna fears us 🙂

  11. white letters with white background… how to read?

  12. My math teacher (who's also our class teacher) sent this in our group chat because we don't have school for 3 weeks….

  13. I’m just going to use straight 70% rubbing alcohol

  14. Please consider re-editing the video to demonstrate proper ‘hand washing’ technique, including getting in between fingers.

  15. this is the same as the other video, what's one third of a cup? What does that mean? What size cup are you using?

  16. Very helpful video 😊😊

  17. How is the consistency? Is it liquidy? Or is it a real gel?

  18. Next video: How to make Isopropyl alcohol and Aloe vera gel. Those will be out of stock soon 😂

  19. could you add more aloe vera gel to make it thicker?

  20. Here’s how to get free hand sanitizer

    1.get a bottle and put it in your school backpack
    2.go to any of your teachers rooms(that have it)
    3. TAKE IT

  21. Like if you’re boutta make a bag off coronavirus 😂😂💸

  22. Thanks for this vid it will help me fight the corana virus

  23. Lmao this is a spot on copy of Nebraska medicines video 😂

  24. Can Vodka be used instead of rubbing alcohol because all of the rubbing alcohol has been bought up by the people freaking out?
    Thank you for sharing✌💛☺

  25. This is good. I also made a video on this as well on my channel. you can have a look.

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