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  1. Dam
    PayPal is way better and simpler

  2. I created an account with stripe and I have no idea how to use it or what's it for

  3. So you have to have a bank account to get paid? SHIT! I don't trust banks.

  4. Really helpful.  Although my screen looked quite different it was enough to get going.  Stripe haven't made their website particularly intuitive to use so this was really helpful having given up on 3 separate occasions!  Thanks.

  5. To create this account what does it require? And how to withdraw money. I'm a poor person. I want to support my family to live in a bit better live please help me I want to start this business

  6. Can you use one stripe account for more than one website? Can you also use the same bank account for more than one website. I have multiple website that ideally i would wish to use the same bank account.

  7. How does it appear on the customers billing statement? As your company name or??

  8. why my stripe acc doesnt look like everyone else??

  9. Your account cannot currently make live charges. If you are the site owner, please activate your account at https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/details to remove this limitation. If you are a customer trying to make a purchase, please contact the owner of this site. Your transaction has not been processed… 

    when i click https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/details, it does show anything to activate.. i think stripe is an scam

  10. is it that easy? what about taxes & legal stuff?

  11. We are mobile invoice app , we want to setup Stripe for our users who used our app , our users sends invoices to their customers for the services was provided by the users of our app. So the users of our app need their invoices paid by their customers . Whats th best option on stripe to use we are thinking of using CONNECT STANDALONE OPTION.
    we also need the info of payment back to us so that we can then also clear their invoices paid in their accounting system.

  12. Story Bud, nice to hear a clear and concise instructional video for a change. Cheers !!

  13. i have a question, i live in the philippines and i dont have a credit card merchant account, only paypal. ho can i integrate credit card payments to my new shopify store? there is 2checkouts gateway available here but it requires my supplier full details plus last 6 months invoices! i would appreciate your advice brother, thanks

  14. What if we don't have a website and will only sell on facebook shop.

  15. in stripe are only fees for what i done actually is not charge for create accountant ?

  16. Good summation – thanks for posting. Braintree sent me an email with a long list of personal and sensitive business plan information required which I thought was counter to promoting customer signup. Why can't paypal do something as intuitive and simple as Stripe? I'm guessing too big to move and adapt.

  17. I'm using SamCart connected with Stripe and I'm curious. How do I know what product someone bought when looking in Stripe. It just tells me the sales amount? I have a few products with the same price? So confused?

  18. your video is helpful! Im a kind of new in the online transactions just build a mobile application for ordering items and i found this option on stripe about setting up a product, i wonder of what benefit i would get utilizing it?

  19. I was looking for some like that.. I will try..cheers

  20. great video …. thanks leon ….

  21. Is there any way to setup in the Android.any tutorials Please suggest

  22. never use stripe!!! sold something on storenvy. (morningstars jewelers) The person paid with Stripe. but after waiting 3 days the person did a dispute and a charge back..the amount that they are disputing is the complete amount! The amount received is $1000 dollars less due to the stripe and storenvy fees. they are stealing the fees! not returning them

  23. thanks. great tutorial. Any way to set stripe to connect with my website to take payments?

  24. This video helped me a lot thankyou leon, you deserve a like 😀

  25. Hi, I need to activate my Stripe account, but I do not have a EIN, ITIN or SSN. I am a non-resident alien. How have folks outside of the USA without Tax ID or SSN been able to activate their US Stripe accounts?

  26. Hello,

    Great video, thanks for the upload.

    I was wondering how you would link different stripe accounts to one application. Not simultaneously but say someone wants money to be transferred to their own stripe accounts. How could an application distinguish between different stripe accounts and have the funds transfer to the right bank account?


  27. Any further feedback on Stripe after the honeymoon period?

  28. Great video, thank you for the upload. What about SSL certificates? I believe they are necessary, are they not? Do you need one immediately with Stripe and is there a variable dropdown pricing option?

  29. Thank you for your video. A question: Does your business have to be officially incorporated, or it is as simple as PayPal where you can have an account as an individuals?

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