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How to Sew a DIY Face Mask

A face mask is effective if it can successfully trap particles in the air. Our mask design takes note of the N95 mask design, which has a special filter to trap 95% of airborne particles before they can reach your mouth and nose. The filter material we recommend you use for DIY masks is polypropylene Melt Blown Face Mask Filter Material with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of at least 95%. The BFE is the effectiveness of a material to filter bacteria. In regards to the level of protection this specific filter material offers, what we’ve chosen to use within our reusable masks has passed Level 1 certification for ASTM filtration efficiency.

BLOG (includes PDF Templates): https://www.sailrite.com/how-to-sew-diy-face-mask

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  1. Very nice design! Thanks.
    (If you make the tapes on one side longer than the other, adjusting the mask at, say, the right side is easier if you have long hair.)

  2. I’ve gone through so many patterns trying to fit my truck driver husband. THANK YOU for the how to measure for a custom pattern info! (PS…Love my Sailrite LSZ-1! It’s an absolute beast!)

  3. Wonderful and to the point.Now i can make my own mask. Thank you .

  4. Thank you, Sailrite! You are true patriots. God bless …

  5. Why in the world would someone give this a down vote ?

  6. A great instructional video; not only as a DIY N95 mask, but a little insight into techniques for making multiple, identical, pieces when sewing a variety of projects. Thanks for some of the very best sewing videos.

  7. Thank 's sailrite Do you make a video explaining how to sterilize the masks made?

  8. Approx how many medium sized masks (2 layers) can be made per yard? Trying to gauge if I can swing the cost.

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    Thank you

  12. Well done, Mister Grant. I figured you guys would come up with something for us to do!All the best to you and the Sailrite crew.

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  14. There is now an official standard on home made masks with guidelines on use and a pattern: https://download-afnor.com/barrier-masks

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