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How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money (w/ Less Junk More Journey)

I’ve learned a lot about travel vlogging from watching Nathan and Marissa in “Less Junk More Journey.” My family and I took a trip to Capitol Reef National Park, to meet up with them.

We begin our journey hiking to Hickman Bridge, and then met Nathan and Marissa in their Airstream to interview them with questions all about starting a travel blog or vlog, and making money with it.

Watch and Enjoy!
Nate Woodbury

Less Junk, More Journey (YouTube Channel)

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Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker)


  1. Love to watch less junk more journey. Love the drone shots

  2. How about Ft Jefferson National Park? Only by boat or plane via Key West Fl

  3. They just have really good advice and are such sweet and charming couple to watch.

  4. The one thing that I finally figured out about Nathan and Marissa's videos that I really enjoy is that they share what I call "the talk time". I've noticed in some VLOG's that one spouse will dominate the talk time and never give the other spouse a chance to say much. In a couple videos that I watched recently, the husband dominated the talk time and when his wife did get a chance to talk then the husband would follow up and explain what his wife was saying….as if we needed an explanation. Nathan and Marissa don't do that, they share "the talk time" really well in their videos.

  5. Great Job Nate. Been following these guys since they started and found this very interesting.

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