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THIS is how you travel Laos. Laos is one of my favourite travel destinations and has countless adventures to offer. From rappelling waterfalls in Vang Vieng, to climbing picturesque waterfalls in Luang Prabang, you MUST visit Laos at some point in your life!

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  1. Good info, visit my channel bro tq

  2. I got elephant license in Laos it’s almost 100$

  3. Hey mate come to Bangladesh and meet your large chunk of fan base here 🙂 <3

  4. ບ້ານຂ້ອຍງາມຫລາຍ

  5. is so goood to join that dayz.

  6. VANG VIENG is forever…. LAOS is pronounced with a silent S….. I CRINGE everytime I hear supposed hard core travelers not knowing how pronounce the name of this wondrous country, to which I visited over 8 times.

  7. Haaaa I have watching this video so many time. Thanks for sharing this videos has really helped us travel Laos also we really couldn't find the top bit of the water fall gutted haaa.

  8. These two are the reason backpackers are avoided, with good reason. Dear me……
    I'll be in Lao in a few months to experience Laotian culture and appreciate its uniqueness.
    Beautiful country, beautiful hospitable people I've been told.
    See you soon Lao.

  9. Been here since the first day, I miss the old Christian❤️

  10. 1:08 rude homie flashing his cash in poor country

  11. Love u buddy…guys like you inspire me to achieve the same goal we have

  12. Was renting a motorbike really 15 dollars for just one day? Uau, here in Vietnam it's like 4 euro per day maximum

  13. went 20 years ago was awesome looks like hell now sorry but pissed up backpackers have ruined it as usual and there is lots to do in the towns you dissed

  14. gimbal is created special for you!

  15. This is my first thumbs down to any travel vlog! I have been to about 55 countries and Laos, especially Luang Prabang is my one of my fav. I think it’s a little misleading if you only go to waterfall in LP and don’t mention anything of the gorgeous monasteries, night market, culinary scene, ethnic music & shows, boating along Mekong River, interacting with the monks, watching morning offering to them. I think you missed out a lot. Waterfall was the least interesting to me of all LP had to offer.

  16. Im quarter Laos and i’ve only been there once…

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