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Howie Mandel On How To Deal With Anxiety During The Corona Outbreak

Howie Mandel On How To Deal With Anxiety During The Corona Outbreak

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  1. Listening to this quack is pathetic.

  2. He still ain't wearing his mask come on doctor oz

  3. Oz is using this whole ordeal to increase his fame hey oz go wash some door knobs

  4. stay safe Dr. OZ. love ya!

  5. U have a big heart and it shows all time pluse your generosity
    make more human thank for everything u are doing for humanity
    at this difficult time

  6. Hi I got anxiety .whats reAly getting me is Sweden .and other country’s.not doing i lockdown is scary to .there gonna send it back round the earth.somethink should be done .

  7. Ull never resolve ur OCD on meds

  8. Dr. Oz you know the Obama Shadow government is trying to stop you use of the pills to save peoples lifes

  9. I am really pissed off about the term "social distancing" it should be "physical distancing." "social distancing" is another term for shunning.

  10. Glasses aren't right for him!

  11. It’s funny because I was recently thinking about how people like Howie Mandel who are OCD germaphobes are dealing 🙏🏻

  12. Why does dr Oz need to upload 4 videos a day about covid19? Seems very overkill and that they're taking advantage for clicks

  13. Nice ideas but regular people who aren't in show business are not doing well financially. Like my hours are part time. My spouse's hours are part time. We're just squeeking by. And we are working in all this.

  14. Dr Oz it was nice to see you smile.

  15. Dr oz. This make me so stress the only thing getting me through is reading the bible ..am a nursing assistant at a nursing home

  16. Best way is God. Have fun helping others

  17. Buy new glasses. Yuk. Make you look gay

  18. Thanks Howie, I’m with you. I like the distancing. Don’t like the reason we are getting are way.

  19. The anxiety never been this bad


  21. The world finally caught up with Howie Mandel with hand sanitizer. I just love him❤️

  22. Howie's glasses are not exactly aesthetic. Leave it at that.

  23. I feel your pain Howie. I’ve only got 41 years experience of anxiety and depression but this coronavirus has definitely cranked them up a notch for me. The fact of not knowing who will get it, who will die, how long this will go on, just the fact of not knowing anything freaks me out.

  24. Howie as a germaphobe must be miserable during coronavirus!

  25. AAustralian researchers have published a study showing a drug commonly used to treat parasite infections can also kill coronavirus in a laboratory setting in under 48 hours.

    Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia have discovered that the antiparasitic drug Ivermectin can inhibit replication of SARS-CoV-2, the virus the causes COVID-19, according to a study published Friday in the journal Antiviral Research.

    "Ivermectin is very widely used and seen as a safe drug. We need to figure out now whether the dosage you can use it at in humans will be effective—that's the next step," said the study's leader Dr. Kylie Wagstaff in a statement.

  26. Wim Hof method is scientifically proven.

  27. Walks like a man movie howie mandel, go up the escalator steps howie “they’re broken”

  28. We need to get back to work ASAP! People will get infected anyway one way or another! Let’s put on some proper gear and get back to work! Soon people will be dying from depression for loosing their businesses and jobs!

  29. Howie looks like crap! No.adrenochrome?

  30. No turn out for Live Aid 😀👍

  31. one million dollars in the bank

  32. Uplifting Video, Laugh Aid, got to check it out… Thanks

  33. Ask yourselves why hundreds of workers from supermarkets, fast food restaurants and dry cleaners and other essential businesses are not dropping dead everyday? With some common sense and hygiene we can all work. Plus the virus largely is deadly to 70 or older and those with underlying conditions. Plus it’s much less infectious than the so called modelers told us it would be.

  34. Run to the LORD. Only in Christ can we find true and lasting Hope and rest. Freedom from fear and confusion. In Jesus Christ our blessed hope. Amen 🙏. ❤️

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