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I DIY'd the fanciest red carpet accessories

How I made the shiny red carpet goods seen on Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Billy Porter. Extra love to Fitzroy Rentals for the dresses and Anthony Nusca for the photos! CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/subscribewithwendy

➭ SEE THE FITZROY DRESSES: http://bit.ly/wwxfitzroy
1. Carolina convertible tiered gown: http://bit.ly/wwxfr-carolina
2. Marlina blazer dress: http://bit.ly/wwxfr-marlina
3. Light My Fire sequin jumpsuit: http://bit.ly/wwxfr-lightmyfire
4. Glinda Glitter ballgown: http://bit.ly/wwxfr-glinda **my fave ❤️

➭ DETAILS & DIMENSIONS: http://bit.ly/wwblogfancyaccessories
➭ WATCH MORE DIY ACCESSORIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe2x8GAZR025IJAAtDaVoMBWTMCD4rjNf

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edited by:
Lief Ramsaran | liefnotleaf.work

photos by:
Anthony Nusca | https://instagram.com/anthony.nusca

thumbnail by:
Michelle Choi | https://www.youtube.com/user/sitandstay13

assisted by:
Julia Tu

music by: MUSICBED
➭ Click to see my fave songs from their subscription program: http://share.mscbd.fm/withwendyplaylist

Hi! I’m Wendy and I am on a sewing journey via DIY videos that teach you how to sew your own clothes. Subscribe if you’d like to get inspiration and learn the tips and tricks I discover. Thanks for watching! #madewithwendy


  1. You are the normal version of Micarah Tewers

  2. It was no bueno, OMG you killed me

  3. The third look makes me think about the girl who sing jump up super star

  4. "And that how I used a laptop as a light table" me every dayyyy

  5. I would advise not to put logos in your creation, Valentino might give you a copyright violation,

  6. You should totally collab with Micarah Tewers

  7. Looking into doing the second one

  8. Your take on the hat is absolutely amazing. That engineering is clever

  9. Look two is corona virus entering the chat

  10. ok but showing up to prom with a tiny bag is a power move

  11. That red hat is so funny… I love how creative you are!!!

  12. Wow you’re a true artist!! Love your interpretations of these designs.

  13. Love the sweater you're wearing! Where is it from?

  14. This woman is so pretty and talented 🥺❤️

  15. The second look is so cool at you you look gorgeous with it I liked it so much

  16. The white suit dress is definitely the look.

  17. Girl wtf why are you so cute with that hat

  18. The purse reveal video was SLICK!

  19. FYI you can use #1 plastic ( you can reuse clear plastic containers from take-out) and it melts exactly the same way as shrinks dink does.

  20. the thumbnail kinda reminded me of the powerpuff girls lmao. anyone else ?

  21. grwm pleaseeee your make up is so gorgeous

  22. These are all cute and a good reproduction for someone that's not trying to be poor lol

  23. i love the hat but the video and photoshot of the bag is the best

  24. Wendy idk if you'll see this but I have always wanted a unique accessory that I have never seen anybody do. It's a tulle or fishnet beret with an embroidered rose on the front. I imagine it in white but really it could be any colour. The challenge that has scared me off from trying it is: not knowing how to make it stiff like a beret should be. But if anyone can do it, you can!

  25. The thumbnail giving me Powerpuff girls vibes.

  26. I’m amazed how gloves made the whole look so elegant 💖

  27. Can we appreciate the fact that she actually S n a p p e d these looks????

  28. They be lookin like powerpuff girls

  29. I just watched a video where you talk about a service in Montreal. Now you are talking about another place in Canada so PLEASE tel me why it just occurred to me that you live in Canada. Not LA…

  30. I need that crystal face mask!

  31. No one gonna talk about how the thumbnail is literally the powerpuff girls

  32. 7:00 The face Mask

    (This is for me)

  33. You have to make Ariana's Grammys Dress!! You will do it amazing!!

  34. you and micarah tewers should collab where she makes the outfit and you make tge accessories

  35. you should all watch micarah tewers, she's funny and REALLY original, she also gets to the point a lot faster (yes, a lot of goofing around in between but she does get to the point fast and easy, not so much talking about instructions for so long) and she's also talented. love that channel!!

  36. Wait I think I saw her on instagram!!

  37. I want it but I don’t have it


  39. i've come back to this video because i remembered you made a mask and ya girl is gonna need to make one to protect herself from corona so

  40. Porque en español el título, si habla inglés???

  41. I’ve been watching next in fashion and now I’m all of a sudden obsessed with fashion. Especially after seeing Marco and Ashton I’m literally in love with their creations.

  42. i got a barbie commercial before this someone explain

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