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I Tested TikTok Hacks And They Actually Worked!

Join me for all new funny reaction videos every day! I love to laugh and try not to cringe challenges and any viral videos that are trending right now. Life hacks, pranks, compilations, tiktok, animations anything you name it! Feel free to leave me your suggestions too! Today I will be reacting to I Tested TikTok Hacks And They Actually Worked

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  1. Early agggggain! Love ya wengie

  2. 1:42 I thought the balloon would pop so I closed my ears and I was terrified

  3. Wengie could u upsize a marshmello plz for me

  4. how much water is wasted

  5. Well I just cut the watermelon in half and just use a spoon to eat it(ㆁωㆁ*)

    What? I am sure that I am not the only one…Right?

  6. Wit the whine one u have to make holes 😂

  7. so lame some of these do not work

  8. We have a buch of balloons left over from our birthday! YAY! AND WE SQUEAK THEM ALL THE TIME!!!
    JK your too far away to hear it Wengie! Lol.

  9. I want you to get 1000 mash melo or 1000 gum in to a gaient mash melo or gum

  10. Pls taste test the different KitKat flavours

  11. Wengie you should make dalgona coffee with max

  12. Wengieee I love you please more hack videos 💖💖💖👑👑👑❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😉😉😉

  13. I tried the water trick and when i fliped it over it stayed and i did not use a film

  14. 11:41 wengie you shoulden't move the cup just remove the flat square thing

  15. For the water hack, use tissue paper ( if u have it (¬_¬) )and make the cup full of water, and it works almost every ᎢᏆᎷᎬ!

  16. The watermelon was looking juicey and tasty 🤤🤤😅

  17. Not bragging but i peel it 5 seconds

  18. The egg hack is also unhygienic

  19. Employer: what skills do you have
    Wengie: I can tell am egg in 16 seconds, and that's faster than a TikTok hack

  20. This has become a tiktok channel

  21. Hey Wengie,
    Could you react to your first video?
    Like so Wengie can see

  22. You need the slide it not take it away for the water hack thing

  23. 9:31 dad cuts watermelon like that and I have never seen it fall apart like that

  24. Wengie you are sooooo cute I am a kid btw

  25. I really liked the water trick but I don't want to make a mess so do it outside and I love your tik tok videos please do more 💗🤗🥞

  26. 5 seconds to peel a hard boiled egg

  27. I got the water hack in one go we Indians do this every single day for fun ( related ) especially kidos

  28. Hi I am new are you from china

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