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I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks (to see if they actually work)

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed today’s video!

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  1. Ok but like spotify has a sleep timer

  2. You did the screenshot thing wrong!

  3. "Oh my god, It dried it"

    Girl it's 'common science'

  4. So I just watched her breaking school dress code video and she looks so different!😋😂😍

  5. wets money and straitens it

    gets electrocuted

  6. The Starbuck hack isn’t even a life hack, thats a lot of ice.

  7. i think the tape was suppose to make an affect i think it was an actual tree

  8. me; im goin g to go straiten up   my moneyrandom person; ……………..ummm………..

  9. She didn't do the marker on the camera right either

  10. He used foggy tape and u used clear tape and yours came out more foggy

  11. “So, she’s definitely very soggy…”

  12. “Cheers, mate, you’re frickin’ welcome.” * zooms in *

  13. the spotify one works with NETFLIX and YOUTUBE to!!!

  14. So can I get a Trenti (however you spell it) as a macchiato?

  15. I do the money one, I first wash all my bills in soap and hot water and then straighten them so they are sterile 🤷‍♀️

  16. Just wanted ppl to know that the Spotify hack also works for Netflix, Disney plus, and hulu

  17. She said what I learned from this use fabric ladies and gentlemen

  18. The Starbucks hack doesn’t work, ice takes up space.


  19. “Oh my god it like dried it.”

    Well yeah its like when you get out of the pool and you dry after sitting out in the sun for awhile-

  20. Why does she have almost 500k subs I don’t get it

  21. We have the same phone background

  22. She showed her password to her phone

  23. My girls got serious nail game tho

  24. Me: what the frickity frack is a chip clip
    Everyone else: tHe ICe iS bLoCKiNg THe dRinK U iDiOtS

  25. Baylie:ph my good it like dryed it
    Lil sister:nah dah

  26. I got such a fright right after the hairstraightening hack there was an add about fire

  27. On spotify there a sleep timer

  28. Lol that first tiktok hack the ice is the only thing making it full to those whose trying to try it is wasting a straw and bottle.

  29. She did the Snapchat hack so different to the gilr in the video but her way still worked 🧐

  30. The screenshot one did not work on m

  31. Who else did the snap chat thing and when you came back to YouTube and it like got u outta the video oop

  32. You don't turn ur phone off. Oh my gosh😂

  33. The hack around 11.00 then because of youre alarm you get awake


  35. it's not so shocking. You're still getting what you paid for lol you're not getting free drinks. The trenta cup is BIGGER than all the rest so OF COURSE it will fill up more than one grande small cup. face palm

  36. People with iPhone 8 and below doesn’t have to power off your phone to do the screenshot one lol I use that hack before too

  37. Hey just letting u know Bailey, u have the same phone case as me

  38. I'll use that Starbucks hack if I go get drinks for me and my co workers and we all want the same thing. But if you're doing it alone I feel like It's a useless hack.

  39. Who noticed she showed us her password??????????😱😱😱😱😱😱

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