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I Took A Nap (Music Video) ft. Micaela | #VEDA: Day 14

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  1. I love that tou and micaela are still friends

  2. this is “staying in“ 's little sister

  3. I feel seen 😴😴😴

  4. In this house, we like to PARTY! And by PARTY! I mean TAKE NAPS! 😀

  5. Dang. That is what I should have done today

  6. will start sending this song to people that ask me what I'm up to

  7. This was me even before the lockdown tbh

  8. You sing my life. Even when not in quarantine. 😪

  9. God, this VEDA is really making me worry about the end of the month because it is SOOOO G-D NICE having you (and many others) back around on a regular basis, and if everyone just up and disappears again come May 1st that's going to be doubly depressing.

  10. You make the internet better. How have we done without you for so long.

  11. Tokyo Seoul Chime

    Also I had no idea what Eggies were until I saw the video and now the line makes sense.

  12. Your spoken word raps always go so hard. Much love, Andrew! 🙌🏻💯

  13. I think I need a nap now 😴😴😴

  14. This song is a vibe!!! My mood for the past 3 weeks of being at hone with not much to do 😜😅 hope everyone is keeping safe at home ☺️

  15. This giving wine/wine/all the time and GRANOLA vibes

  16. This song illustrates my last week. Thanks!!

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