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I Went to Japan for the First Time | Tokyo Travel Vlog (Pt.1)

Japan was such a dream and I worked really hard on this vlog, so I hope you enjoyed it! In this vlog, we’re exploring shops in Akihabara, Asakusa shrines, Shibuya crossing, and Harajuku! Plus we even learned how to make sushi and do Japanese calligraphy! 😱

Japan Vlog Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRxfkmhDH5Y
Japan Stationery Haul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6yKs3bQNTU

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I am so thankful that Warner Bros. Canada organized this trip and sent me to Japan for other events, but I am not being paid to make this video.


  1. Because of COVID19 my Japan travel was canceled but hopefully, I can visit Japan in November 2020. The ticket was rebooked. See you soon Japan!

  2. "I always wanted to be hokage, growing up"

    Same, dude, same.🙁

  3. I wanna go to Japan but the Carona Virus 🙁

  4. Amanda: アマンダ
    Pikachu: ピカチュウ

  5. Im watching it all because When you said you wanted to go to Japan as long has you have been a kid. And When peeps ask where ya Wanna go is Japan. Well Me2😂 When im order imma go there for sure to the city! And the tempels 😍😍😍 DAJDNSJ i can't wait omgdhhdjd fjrbrf

  6. i have lived in Tokyo and, Japan is absolutely amazing, organized, and aesthetic!

  7. loved this vlog 🙂 glad you liked tokyo !
    we have a channel about Japan !
    please check it out for anyone that's interested !!

  8. Im 9. I have learned so much about japan. One day I will go there!#

  9. So nice in Japan we been there last month and we really enjoyed it.. great vlog btw 😍

  10. Amazing Video. Wonderful country. Awesome sceneries. Great Job.

  11. People are so polite, Thank you for sharing @@UCk9aeo2A6a1fg3VeRueTn9w

  12. "It was my dream as a kid." BRO ME TO!! But your Soo lucky to be there at Japan I've wanted to go there since I was like 5.

    Edit: I already have a Japanese name so I'm ready!

    Edit: while you were walking and eating that's something you shouldn't do 😅 Japanese people don't like that

  13. I already know she has money by the first class flight

  14. I had the choice to go to Japan for a exchange later this year… so I came to this video seeing if I want to go and it looks really fun, but there coronavirus cases in Japan (None in my country; NZ). So yah i'm torn. Thanks for reading my comment even tho you don't care bout my life story…..

  15. Her having a trip in Japan
    Me eating hot ramen at 12:00 am wondering which anime I should watch

    (luv your video)

  16. Who realises that’s she has Chimmy on her bag/suitcase at the start?

    Any BTS/BT21 fans?


    Ok, I’ll go listen to Fake Love by myself 😩🥺

  17. I also went to asakusa when im in japan!

  18. Japan would be amazing to visit!!

  19. I will go to Japan this vacay for 2-3months and iam so EXCITED

  20. Ooooo Japan is on my list! This video has made me want to go sooooo much more 🙂

  21. lovely skindeep popcorn youtube stuff… no connection with Japanese people whatsoever. This is such a waste of time…

  22. Getting inspiration for my trip to Japan! Going to try to vlog it too!

  23. Her : Talks about how the restaurant is based on a scene from kill bill
    Me : *Garrett Watts wants to know your location*

  24. I’m Japanese and I’m happy to know that you enjoyed your stay in Japan:)I hope you can come back here again!

  25. I saw Hitori Boochi builboard. 😳

  26. me watching this at 2am knowing I probably won't get to go to Japan

  27. I can't stop watching these traveling to Japan because I'm goin for my bornday sooo excited

  28. Mano, mto aleatório, do nd o Pyong aparece no vídeo, o berro q dei kkkkkkkkkkkk

  29. Thank you for the Video! It is very interesting ❤️

  30. Actually in Tokyo I feel like I am alone. Even if the city is bustling with people I somehow feel like I am alone

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