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INSIDE PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 (Walking Streets & Meeting Local People)

Travelling to a mountainous region of Pakistan and meeting locals.
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  1. 🔴 IMPORTANT 🔴
    If you missed it, yesterday I uploaded a video about my current Coronavirus(COVID-19) situation:
    Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7cNJ5G8_w&t=
    I hope this clears the air as to my travel movements. Thanks for watching and look after each other. Nick ❤️

  2. i lived there for a year its hell on earth.

  3. One thing I love about these kinda of videos are all the cute girls happily strolling around town feeling safe…

  4. The easy camera thing is because there were no women in markets if you go to some places with women you will know

  5. Love from Pakistan ❤❤

  6. I don't know if u can make it or not because of COVID-19, but if u r coming, then you should visit Bahawalpur and Multan for this time. U will find palaces and other things in bahawalpur city and shrines , parks etc in Multan.
    Bahawalpur= Empress bridge over river sutlej,
    Ss world Disney park,
    Noor Mahal,
    Derawar fort,
    Sadiq garh palace,
    Old walled city and main Bazar,
    Gulzare Sadiq park,
    Sir Sadiq grand mosque,
    "Eid gah" opposite to gulzare Sadiq park,
    Central library,
    Dancing fountains ( closed due to covid),
    Desert area,
    Old City, new city..,
    Railway platform,
    During stadium and Zoo 😜 etc

    (Dubai palace , darbar palace, Nishat palace, gulzar palace, on special permissions)
    IDK if everything except last mentioned are open because of Corona virus…

  7. Oh my gosh, very loud group of people. Every where you went people are yelling in the background.

  8. Great video. Thank you for sharing

  9. I wish if I meet those who speak English.. coz I'm fond of speaking English it's my dream to talk in English people 😂🥰

  10. The people of Pakistan are amazing definitely looking forward to traveling in the northern reaches of the country in 2021 if this stupid virus would go away so I can start planning my adventure.

  11. I have pakistani relatives and when I went for a wedding it was amazing. The media doe not do it justice

  12. Only men out . I wonder why

  13. If I had one soldier to put against the media, I would arm him with a Camera and push him to the front line, That man would be you bro, Thanks for destroying the media and bringing the real world to our doorstep in your travels. Peace Brother, Peace for All, Belus

  14. As usual, it’s just the media and political govt BS that are fighting.

  15. Pakistan is a beautiful country. please also visit to Swat and Kumrat valley.

  16. How could you miss Lahore? Lahore is famous for gardens and canals and the tastiest food ever you could imagine. Lahore people are welcoming. Love from Pakistan. All foreingners are welcome.

  17. I don’t know if I belive in the media but I traveled Pakistan last year and I fell in love with the people and the place it’s beautiful

  18. Looks pretty sheeeit, dont wanna go there.

  19. You need to watch HOMELAND , and then you'll get the truth about Pakistan…..🙏

  20. CNN is the real threat to Pakistan

  21. I think a couple youtube clip from this guy, makes more positive for Pakistan than an official government marketing strategy for tourism and travel. One man with a camera.

  22. @0.44 that's actually indian territory which Pakistan has illegally occupied. We will take it back !

    Ishaa allah🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  23. Thanks for your visit 🇵🇰♥️😍 plz come again again again 😍 Love from LAHORE 🇵🇰

  24. This is a good time bro. Go ahead

  25. Pakistan 🇵🇰 great stuff

  26. Most of the Pakistan's food recipe copied from Indian food😏😏

  27. Good you didn’t fall for the media BS and went and experienced this interesting country on your gut instinct. Nice vlog

  28. Pakistan minus it's notorious ISI AND MILITARY can be a most promising nation . people have big heart and fear of God that's a good thing

  29. Brother if you are still in Abbottabad i would love to meet you and show you around.

  30. That van would not make me nervous at all 😅
    And omg you actually rode standing aahaha insane!
    You are living the life 😀

  31. Amazing videos
    Tnx for coming to Pakistan

  32. Can you speak persian(Farsi)?

  33. Love Pakistan from India❤️

  34. I'm a big fan of your channel. But I'm also a big fan of the WWE. And when I saw that the WWE was playing on the TV made me excited to know that they watch it in Pakistan.. Good vlog👍 I hope all of this pandemic thing goes away soon so you can bring us more good content like this.

  35. Very much infotainment! thanks for visiting Pak

  36. No vlog of Lahore? Without Lahore, Pakistan is incomplete bro.

  37. Nick's Guide is a cool cat ! Wow I remember traveling all the way to Gilgit on a death trap road, I was told the driver was high on hash. He took those bends on the roads like Ayrton Senna. Magic experience for all those on board !!! The roads look so much better now.

  38. Why are UK Pakistanis more hard-line in there ways. If people saw the real Pakistan it would be different.

  39. U don't know …. World all investigation agencies declare and submitted proof for teroris… crimes. So don't judgmental.

  40. Pakistan🇵🇰is one of the most beautiful ❤️❤️country in world… love from Australia 🇦🇺

  41. Buy an rpg-7 and have some fun. It would also make a great picture to click on for the video but be careful cause that's also a good place to get kidnapped and beheaded. Gotta weigh out the risk vs reward as always.

  42. Abottabad is where Bin Laden was hiding

  43. Beautiful country and beautiful people. I would love to go to Pakistan

  44. Is that recent cuz I see everybody so chilling around each other, and it seems to be a pre-covid clip. The culture is amazing and the markets also looks very clean and organized 🤠👍

  45. 6.45 without Pakistani only indian can understand the language

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