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INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)

So I decided to take a trip to Venezuela…
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  1. Want to see all my Venezuela videos? 🇻🇪 Watch here:
    Want to see my photos of Venezuela? 🇻🇪 Click here: https://www.instagram.com/indigo.traveller/

  2. damn ! its bad over there , i don't feel so bad for making 35 cents one day walking several miles to collect cans and plastic bottles

  3. Take care of your countries people. Your country can also ends as Venezuela.

  4. Great work, thanks a lot for this first person view!

  5. The hot dog guy technically can become super rich given the income statistics.

  6. And people want this in America……

  7. Personally I hate travel videoblogs, 99% are rubbish made by people who visited single time a place – where already were lots of other video bloggers before – and they think they know everything about that place, they give advices without real knowledge etc. Of course additionally often bloggers are using poor quality words and jokes because this give them better popularity. I prefer professional work and you have my respect. Interesting places even if guides don't let you go in really dangerous areas, countries like Afghanistan or Venezuela nowadays are generally dangerous. Good journalist job for single traveler without big budget and big support team!

  8. So buying a car should be 5000 Trillion

  9. This same thing is happening to my country we have a illegal government since 2018 and now he lost the election and still used the army and police force to declare himself winner again its a small country near Venezuela called Guyana

  10. Good idea fix you home no come to American and sponge off the tax payers there

  11. Not as bad as i thought it was. News makes it sound like it's hurricane Katrina going on or something.

  12. Why are people blaming this on socialism? The same exact thing happened in the United States during the great depression, was that also due to socialism? There are different types of socialism they aren't all the end of the world.

  13. So when the subway is free, there aren't enough trains to transport people. When the American people fantasize about free healthcare for all, they need to think about the waiting lines in this subway station in Caracaus.

  14. God save us in this world
    Hello from Somalia 🙏

  15. I live in Indonesia. Xrate is around Rp 14500 to a dollar. McD burger is around 40k to 50k. So worse than bolivar. However the highest bill is Rp 100,000, as such paying in hard cash is not too difficult and is still very common. Poverty is visible here but so is luxury. Supercars such as lambo, Ferrari and Porsche have dealership here. Galaxy folds were sold out within a few hours during its local launch. On the other hand, we just have our first subway recently while in Caracas it has been there for ages.

  16. trump will not let this happen to us . sanders will


  18. Socialism is what is going on in Venezuela. Socialism is why people are suffering there. It's not that difficult to figure out.

  19. I was in Venezuela 3 weeks ago, I was only in Caracas and La Guaira.. I was the only obvious foreigner that I saw. Things didn´t seem as ad as the media has you believe but I know that the president makes sure Caracas is better off to be able to keep his grip on his power. However I was only in the more affluent areas in the east. What suprised me was how expensive everything was, bought a hamburger off the street for 10$ (it was in an expensive are but still, it was a street vendor, and those were his actual prices on the menu ) which seems very steep in a country where the minimum wage is the equivalent of around 7$ a month.. I know things are way worse in rural areas.. What suprised me also was that in the 4 days I was there not a single person asked me for money. I live in Colombia (not from there) and you can't walk 10 steps without 3 people asking you for handouts.. It was an interesting experience and I was a bit anxious before going but nothing bad happened and people were really nice and friendly, my taxi driver told me he actually felt safer now than in 2017 because a lot of the riff raff have left the country.
    I can't say I recommend going there unless you are a seasoned traveler and speak spanish, even if nothing happened to me it is still very dangerous. I just thought it would be interesting to see for myself how things really are.

  20. Damn! I wouldn't go there if you paid me. Looks like hell.

  21. crazy, they have to work for $6.00 a freaking month = 1 freaking hamburger or 6 hotdogs.. yeah, socialism is awesome–NOT.. All Bernie supporters should be required to move there for a month

  22. This is the paradise on earth socialism brings to reality, the real misery itself, in South América while leftist drink an Spritz in a colorfull bar, 10 venezuelans scour through the garbage for food.

  23. How do they pay rent? I dont see anyone panicking in the streets. Its cool to doc the collapse of a country.Good video From Sacramento

  24. People voted because they disliked big evil corporations and very wealthy people so they vote for socialism. Now everyone is equal , equally poor and eating each others shat! Mission Accomplished. Only way to survive and prosper now is to be corrupt in a system like this.

  25. Solo otro venezolano entiende la actitud de Lenny mientras graban esta muy pendiente de que no venga un malandro a robar la cámara…

  26. Solo otro venezolano entiende la actitud de Lenny mientras graban esta muy pendiente de que no venga un malandro a robar la cámara…

  27. "if you work one month you can buy a hamburger" well, that is sad but I could only think, Pink Panther….

  28. Indigo I know you want to make your videos look nice and well produced, etc. But, when you visit countries going through hell like Venezuela, It's in real bad taste to be putting music in the background as if this was a nice resort paradise. It's disrespectful to the people in Venezuela. I know some won't understand why I say this. But, imagine putting music during a documentary of the holocaust for Jews. Venezuela is going through daily murders at a horrific rate. So please be more mindful on videos of any country you visit going through problems.

  29. Someone should send this video to Bernie Sanders..

  30. 5:15 girl just passed by carrying a backpack on front. this is a clear sign of the insecurity of the streets in Caracas

  31. Truth be told, the subway is just one extra expense them people do not need. I understand why it shouldn't be free, I was just saying

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