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Instant Ice – Waterbending In Real Life!

Want to make a glass of water freeze instantly on command? What is this supernatural power and who can use it? Discover the secrets to Ice-bending … in real life.

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Coke: http://amzn.to/2cjDmmt
[✓] Quaich (little silver dish from Scotland) :http://amzn.to/2cGNxy3

Detailed Instant Ice Tips & Tricks: https://goo.gl/TWtNrJ

You can do it with soda too!: https://goo.gl/kXez2A
Check out CrazyRussianHacker’s Instant Ice video http://youtu.be/7NCEJqFC1uw
Watch Household Hacker freeze water on command: http://youtu.be/cgAlxBEPEf4

Endcard Links:

Make Dry-Ice: https://goo.gl/cr1T18
Urine Ignition: http://bit.ly/UrineIgnition
Butter Candle: https://goo.gl/kUq0Bc
Water Weapon: https://goo.gl/iyVPwt

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Project Inspired By:

A friend at work, named Lew, told me he left water bottles outside overnight in freezing temperatures, then got the water to freeze instantly by shaking them. Since then, I’ve seen multiple videos on YouTube demonstrating the effect of supercooled water, and had multiple requests to make a video.

Project History & More Info:

I’ve never seen anyone pour super cooled water into another container, and initiate the freeze using an ice cube, so I really wanted to try that. The effect is seen in the blue glass, and the clear glass in the video and, in my opinion, was worth the effort!

To get this effect, I put multiple unopened bottles of “PUREFLO” (http://www.pureflo.com) bottled water in the freezer for 2 hours and 45 minutes exactly. The purified water gets supercooled, and when it touches an ice crystal, it turns instantly to ice. It will also do this if the bottle is hit hard enough.

This was a really fun project, and one of my favorites because it’s safe, awe inspiring, and anyone can do it.



  1. Instant Ice – Step one – Place in freezer for 2 hours and 45 minutes ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I used to watch him for 8 years rip

  3. I had a bottle of water in the freezer that was still liquid, and I remembered watching this video years ago. I gave it a little tap, and sure enough, it froze instantly. It was awesome!

  4. why is it not work for me 🙁

  5. I want to dunk a whole live human in a giant tube of that stuff

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    If u have not seen it DO IT KNOW or i do not Consider u a human yet

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