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Is Egypt Safe To Travel to? | First Thoughts Flying from Germany to Cairo

Telling our friends that we were going to Egypt garnered the same response as when we went to Israel…is it safe to travel there and why are you going?

Today we fly out of Frankfurt, Germany as we make our way towards Egypt through Cairo. This video is our first thoughts on Egypt, what it was like going through the Cairo airport and our reactions to seeing the Pyramids for the first time!

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  1. Can't believe that we are here!! This has been on top of our bucket list for the longest time that we can remember! Really excited to finally share this series with you.

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  2. I get sick when you say israel. Unsub

  3. Yay! My mum was planning to have a holiday to Egypt! 😀

  4. I could really feel the awe and the feeling you'd get when you see the mystical pyramids for the first time. I would totally tear up too! Such a nice series. I hope me and my wife can visit Egypt soon as well. Visiting Turkey a couple of weeks ago has revived my passion of history and explorations! 🙂 Subscribing to you guys

  5. Flying The Nest: Egypt is safe

    Coronavirus: HOLD MY BEER

  6. OH MY GOD i literally just contacted an agent for on the go for the king ramses and after seeing this…i am beyond excited now

  7. What's the best way to swap currency to get Egyptian pounds?

  8. Why didn't you actually explain about if it's safe in Egypt in depth?

  9. I’m Jordanian. Here it’s safe, bordering on boring sometimes lol, I go to Europe to refresh every now and then.

  10. Called Palestine not israel!!

  11. IAM Egyptian you are so welcomed here btw but just one thing it will be always Palestine and one-day we will get it back 🙂

  12. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting my country (Egypt) but It’s called Palestine not Israel

  13. Watching because I'm thinking of going back to Egypt – I usually scuba dive but looking at doing the Nile properly this time but I went to Luxor and the Red Sea during the Gulf war of 2003 and it was probably the best trip ever. I literally had the plane all to myself and I definitely had the temples of Luxor ALL to myself – barely saw any other tourists there. There were a few but so few, all my photos are 100% free of any other tourists! Hatshepsut, Karnak, Luxor temples – I as good as had them all, all to myself! And I actually felt safer there than I did back home in the UK.

  14. been there jan 2020. First get a local number, get uber, know what terminal you landed, study where the uber cabs stand for that terminal and get there, despite scammers says uber doesn't come there. When you get there (for cairo terminal 3, its car park lot near board sign B6), there will be lot of people waiting for cab and scammers too, calling you that he is your uber ride, dont belive. Check your uber app for car plate number, ask his name and see if it matches in your uber app booking, when you get to your destination, wait for driver to end the journey (few seconds later), you can see the taxi fare, pay the amount and get out. For pyramid, if u r going by cab, when you reach the premises of giza, many individuals will approach the car, do not ask the driver to stop, ask him to keep going until you enter the pyramid gate and see the ticketing office or WC near it. Get down, get your tickets and go straight inside after the security clearance. After that, DO NOT stop or listen to anyone pretending to be police, or security officials, dont answer to whistles, dont give your tickets to anyone, dont try to horse or camel- they will rip you off, dont speak or answer to anyone. just enjoy the pyramid and head out straight. if you think to be polite and stand and answering questions, you will be ripped off. Of course a lot of kind egyptian citizens helped me during my travel. Just use your common sense. Check my channel for advise for hotels from my experience.

  15. How can you possibly afford something like this I'm desperately trying to go

  16. Guys ! I am supposed to be going in May with my boyfriend and this just made me SO FREAKING EXCITED !!! 😱

  17. This is not Israel btw 😠

  18. 🔺🔺🔺that is what am for.

  19. one should be more than lucky to have look at the majestic great pyramids of Egypt , the only remaining wonder of all wonders .

  20. I lived there for 6 months with the US Army. Cairo is amazing. I wish it were closer or the plane ticket wasn't so expensive because I would go back in a heartbeat

  21. hi when is the best time to visit to Egypt? i mean what season?thanks

  22. Egypt is in my opinion one of the most cultured and fantastic places in the world , I'm Russian but I loved 16 years in egypt , it's the best

  23. The whitest people I've ever seen

  24. The Cairo airport is not bad at all in my opinion.

  25. No it is not safe you are at risk. These are kids taljing

  26. Shouldn't mention Israel in Egypt…

  27. Is it safe if you have a lot of tattoos? Because muslim people

  28. Palastina🇵🇸👑💎
    not esrael 🥾🥾
    From EGYPT 🇪🇬💎

  29. I love the video BUT it's not Israel it's Palestine 🇵🇸💕 I am Egyptian and I really like 💕your videos👌

  30. It’s called Palestine there’s no such a think called Israel!!!!

  31. I absolutely loveeee Egypt. It is my second home 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬

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