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Island Hopping EL NIDO | Palawan Travel Blog

This place is amazing. Go to El Nido, Palawan, and book tour A. (and C)

El Nido is one of the places that made us want to start a travel blog.

#LaVidaAzul #ElNido #Palawan #Philippines


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  1. Palawan is such a wonderful place, even more wonderful because of hospitable Filipinos.
    Our favorite part was the underwater-meeting the sea creatures living under the green, fresh and calm water. AMAZING!

    Thank you for visiting our country guys. Still watching your other videos.

  2. Thanks for visiting our country. Such a nice blog. Have a good one 🙂

  3. Woowwww great drone footage paradise Palawan great abs hahaha satisfying to watch complete package lol new subscribers here welcome to our Beautiful country have fun and be safe

  4. This is just one of the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

  5. Yankee go home and take your rc toys with you

  6. hahaha papaya beach bcoz of full of coconuts 😂 love the sense of humor ❤️❤️❤️

  7. You are all cute . I like it

  8. What a lovely couple. You are so lucky to have found each other. ❤️

  9. Wow, awesome drone vids! I wish you more success in being travel vloggers, and both of you can also do some modelling on the side 🙂

  10. Too stunning … I really like how they do sequence of the video, hopefully I can do better video someday… only if I have those gadgets , though I did some videos covering Palawan, check it ouy guys… 😇😇😇

  11. This drone shot is breathtaking. Awesome vlog

  12. Awesome vlog! Great quality 🤘🏽 Palawan is sooo beautiful! Oh my gosh.. you found NEMOOO! Haha

  13. You found Nemo! Stunning drone shots, very impressive blog 👍

  14. i hope the two of you get naked

  15. Woahhh! Nice looking couple!

  16. r u guys a couple? just askin ☺

  17. nice video editing ,, and also the drone shoot is very nice,, new fan here , thanks for sharring a beautiful memories in philippines

  18. Those drone shots blown me away❤️❤️😍😍😍..I've seen many blogs before but never seen a drone shots like that,it's very clear.Amazing!…wooooow!!…😱😱😱

  19. Omg! These blew me away! How beautiful my country is! You guys are so lucky! Im sure lots of filipinos dont even get the chance the explore them!

  20. Great footage. Wanted more. The place is unreal. Have been there many years ago. Thank you guys.

  21. Very good looking couple in an equally gorgeous place ❤️

  22. Guys your couple?✌️😊😘

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